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  • Empathy: Our Sixth Sense, March 5, 2015

    Empathy is a dynamic, powerful, and practical workshop based on 25 years of case studies and private clinical research. Empathy, defined as “experiencing the experiences of others” is not “sympathy”

  • The Mystic Seven Experiential Workshop, March 7

    Within our spiritual community, everyone talks about the Source. Eternity, Infinity, and Unity, but beyond these discussions, have you ever experienced them? Have you actually had the direct personal experience that you are the Source: Eternal, Infinite, and One with Everything? The purpose of this workshop is for you to tangibly feel these profound experiences ...

  • Via Romen and Flying Balalaika Brothers Concert, March 8

    The Via Romen ensemble, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, presents music and dances which are rooted in the Russian-Romany tradition. Their music and dance repertoire originates in Eastern and Western Europe and is enriched by jazz, Jewish, and Latino styles.

  • Native Soul, March 10, 2015

    The traditional view of the soul is that it is in a state of evolving to a higher level. In this book, we will explore the theme: God will not and cannot give you any more than you already have. Our native soul is now complete and nothing is keeping you from experiencing your completeness.

  • CPR, March 10

    Upon completion, you receive certification cards for CPR and First Aid, valid for two years.

  • Unifying Love, March 14, 2015

    This one-day LGBT-focused relationship workshop has been designed for all committed couples who wish to gain a greater understanding about what it takes to make a marriage successful.

  • How to Let God Help You, SEE Class, March 21

    Theresa Gleason who will teach from Myrtle Fillmore’s inspiring writings from the book, How to Let God Help You. Myrtle, the Mother of Unity shares her understanding of the Truth of Being to experience the Presence of God and live a life of order, beauty and freedom.

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis, March 30

    Learn about the different types of hypnoses and what benefits individuals derive from guided hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Silence fear, frustration, doubts and negativity by creating a new path of purpose through self-discovery during hypnosis.

  • “Path to Discovery” New Member Class, April 12 or 13

    The membership class is a series of five consecutive classes. These sessions are intended to enhance one’s understanding of Unity and Unity Church of the Hills.

  • Deborah King Lecture, Get Activated Now, May 14, 2015

    Deborah King is hailed as “The Premiere Master Healer of our Time!” She is a world-renowned spiritual and master healer, spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author. Get activated now! You’ll leave this event transformed by the healing energy of Deborah and the guides, holding the tools to raise your consciousness to even higher levels! ...

  • DEBORAH KING: Energy Healing, May 16, 2015

    Join master Energy Healer and spiritual teacher Deborah King in this highly experiential workshop as she unlocks the door to the mysterious world of energy healing! This hands-on workshop will awaken the healing power within you as you explore the extrasensory skills you have to heal yourself and others.

  • Yoga for the Brain, May 23

    This beautiful, meditative process is being used by many to reduce stress, increase focus and a sense of well-being. Accomplished professionals are discovering enhanced problem-solving and creativity with this daily practice.