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  • Learn to Meditate, July 11

    Meditation is a systematic practice of calming yourself in body and mind, leading to greater self-awareness.

  • SEE Week – July 13 – 17, 2015

    Join us for an entire week of Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes! Learn Meditation and Prayer practices, Metaphysics and more about the Bible from a Unity perspective. We have 3 “Beginner” classes this week, Life of Prayer, Discover the Power Within You, and Meditation Practices.

  • Writer’s Workshop – July 18, 2015 – Date Change!

    This is the best time in history for you to write your book and get published. It is also a time of rapid, confusing change in the industry…but don’t let that derail your dreams!

  • Unity Q&A Class, July 19

    Have you ever wondered about New Thought and the teachings of Unity? Do you have questions about using practical Christianity in your life? You are invited to join Licensed Unity Teacher Marygrace Sorensen and her friend, Rev. Kimberly Giacometti, ordained Unity Minister from St. Joseph, Missouri, to explore answers to these questions about Unity, our ...

  • Summer Day Camp for the Young Guitarists (Ages 8-18) – July 20 to 24, 2015

    This camp is designed for young students (8 to 18 years of age) with a desire to learn to play the guitar. Guitar instructors, on a rotation basis, teach four modules a day, as students benefit from the fun songs and the recording projects.

  • James Twyman July 31, and August 1, 2015

    James will not only share the main teachings of the Course in this presentation, but will use music and sound to lead you into the actual experience of enlightenment.

  • The Awakening – Messages from Stargate, Aug 4, 2015

    Stargate is the largest sphere of loving light within the Universe, and is a wealth of knowledge. The angels and ascended teachers are placing Light Incorporation into earth, thus generating world peace as this loving light is interwoven throughout earth.

  • Holographic Sound Healing Workshop, Levels 1&2 Aug 6-9

    The purpose of these programs, led by Paul Hubbert, is to share and awaken revolutionary sound/ music vibration techniques and raise individual and collective vibrational levels of consciousness through this ancient/ new science of “Holographic Sound Healing”.

  • Oneness Awakening Course –August 14 & 15 New Date

    Do you find yourself stuck in the same patterns no matter how many classes you take or affirmations you say? Give yourself the gift of experiencing the Oneness Awakening Course!

  • James Van Praagh, Sept 25 and 26

    James Van Praagh Live at Unity Church of the Hills September 25th & 26th. James Van Praagh is considered a spiritual pioneer and one of the world’s most respected spiritual mediums, having brought a mindful awareness to the subject of “communication with the dead” into the public psyche.

  • A Journey into Spirit Communication with Luke Danskin, Nov 12, 2015

    Scotland’s “Rising Star Psychic Medium” Luke Danskin is the next big sensation that is captivating the spiritual world.