Board Update from August 16th Virtual Board Gathering

On August 16th, 2020 we held our first Virtual Board Gathering via Zoom. We had 45+ congregants in attendance. After an opening prayer, Frank Phelan, Board President, provided some important updates, which have been pulled out of that meeting and offered here so the entire congregation can stay informed. After Frank’s update, we moved into break-out sessions and those discussions were not recorded in order to respect the privacy of our congregants during their conversations with board members.

One of the most important updates provided is around our interim minister, Dr. Ras Smith. He continues to heal and recover and we know you join us in sending him healing prayers. In order to focus fully on healing he has found it necessary to step down as interim minister here at UCOH. Frank fully explains this in the video and we encourage everyone to take the time to watch the update and to know with us that God is working through this situation to reveal amazing good for Dr. Ras, Tina and his family and for UCOH. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Ras for his wisdom and time shared with us. He and Tina are officially part of our family now! Dr. Ras did mention that once he is fully recovered, he is still going to pull together an Inner Child Journey for UCOH.

As we approach our 25th Anniversary in November and the Ministerial Search Team kicks into high gear, we know that we are called to big work in the world. We have a divinely ordained purpose and mission as a community, and we have been equipped to fulfill that purpose. We ask each of you to hold your Spiritual Community in a container of abundant love and prayers for divine guidance and order.

Thank you to everyone who took time to listen, engage, and provide feedback to the Board on Sunday. We will continue to make opportunities like this available so that we can continue to feel the sense of community that is essential to the thriving of UCOH.

Watch the recap here:    

BlogBoard Update from August 16th Virtual Board Gathering