Bridges to Breakthrough

One of the goals we established earlier this year was to provide several opportunities for our community to intentionally reflect, heal, and prepare for our way forward as a spiritual community.  Our incorporation of the work “The I of the Storm” in our Spirit Circles was one effort along that line. We want to continue to do this work as we embark on the ministerial search and “Answer the Call…” as we celebrate our 25th anniversary.  

We know that in all transformation, we get to forgive and let go before we can fully embrace the new that’s awaiting us.  

This powerful session will provide insights to support your personal spiritual journey—as well as provide a wonderful opportunity to connect as a community.  

What We’ll Explore… 

  • How to work masterfully with change so that feelings and quicksand from the past are healed and dissolved, thus creating new room for a positive future.  
  • A step-by-step process of deep transformation…going from breakdowns to breakthroughs…from pain to possibilities…from where you are to where you ideally desire to be.  
  • How to mine the gifts from any situation and open the way for thriving 
  • How to re-enter the game of life and cast a larger creative vision—personally and collectively.  

Love Offering – Love Offerings can be made here: Enter “Bridges” in the Offering Notes.”  

Please join your Unity Church of the Hills family as we build a bridge together that moves our spiritual community into its next chapter of growth and greatness! 

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