Dear Ones,

Through our spiritual journeys, transition and transformation are the “stuff” we swim in, and the same holds true as a New Thought community. As you know, since last fall our church has undergone a change in leadership, investigated transitional ministry, shifted to virtual ministry, re-engaged our minister emeritus as a temporary interim minister, and continues our active pursuit of an interim minister to walk with us through our search for a new senior minister. 

Concurrent with the sea of changes has been a steadfast knowing within our collective consciousness that there is only one power, and that power is inherently friendly. We have weathered the shifts with a grace that rests in loving peace, knowing that the work being done through us individually and collectively matters and is impactful. We are blessed, indeed!

Times of change bring opportunity for planting new seeds and deepening our investments. Given the richness that this community gives to us, Unity Church of the Hills is worthy of our support. We are a beacon of unconditional love and acceptance that continues to transform lives in visceral ways every day. 

Our spiritual health at this time is strong. Yet, it is our financial health that the Board and I want to bring to our collective attention. 

During all of this change, we have not been contributing financially to our community at a level that is fully sustaining. While several members have contributed in significant singular ways, it is the ongoing, consistent giving—week in and week out—that presses on us at this time, as that giving has been inconsistent.

The Unity principles will never go away, but we may no longer be able to sustain our campus or our rich programming or our communal support of other like-minded groups without improved giving by our members. 

Our financial contributions support the mortgage for our beautiful property and facilities, staff salaries, production expenses, facilities maintenance items, children’s programming, adult classes, ministerial honorariums, and more. Simultaneously, we know at UCOH that giving is a central component in prosperity consciousness. That is why we contribute financially to support the work of organizations in alignment with our vision. These include Unity Worldwide Ministries, Love Light, iACT, Hill Country Community Ministries, Dialogue Institute of the Southwest, Association for Global New Thought and others. 

Most recently, many in our congregation have and are experiencing changes in personal finances as a result of the pandemic. These vary from the level of a somewhat disturbing reduction in 401k values to not knowing how to pay rent for the month. Having been in the latter situation at more than one juncture in my past, I completely understand how that can feel.   

So what is ours to do? As always, the way forward is through faith and right action based in Principle. You may be thinking right now “That sounds great, but what does that mean?” What that means is that we continue to do the things that work. Did I pray this morning? Have I meditated? Did I read something spiritual? Have I reached out to another person to see how I can help them? Am I giving of my time, talents and treasure to the people and communities that I believe make a difference? Am I embodying the attributes of God such as abundance that allow me to make a difference? To the degree that we can answer these questions collectively in the affirmative, we will continue to be impactful.

To that end, our church needs to be bringing in a minimum of $25,000 per week. Over the past six weeks since the church transitioned to a virtual platform we have received on average roughly two thirds of that amount each week. So the Board’s goal is to receive an additional $50,000 before the end of this month.

Know that the Board and Staff are doing all that we can to economize and create new ways to operate, such as with our new online bookstore. The Wee Wisdom teachers have been furloughed until school can be restarted. The paid music ministry has been reduced to minimum levels, which also complies with our 10-person production limit. Most recently, the church completed an application for CARES act grant/loan funding and is working with our bank on a temporary mortgage deferral. So the whole crew is doing everything possible to adapt and be cost conscious, all while developing a whole new way of operating as a church.   

In closing, the Board and I are holding the consciousness that the abundant universe is providing exactly what is needed at the time of any need. That there is no limit to Source. That we are grateful we know this and we already see movement to a greater territory and larger transformational experience for everyone involved with our beloved spiritual home. 

Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you would like to discuss how you can help or simply to check in. My cell phone number is (512) 626-0717.

Yours in Unity,

Frank T. Phelan

President, Unity Church of the Hills

Board of Trustees 

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