The Austin Department of Health has now issued a new COVID level 4 threat. This means that our protocols must change to reflect this danger to the well-being of our community. I know many of you may be disappointed by the increase in COVID cases. The new delta variant is proving to be easily transmissible and virulent. As a spiritual community we must respond in kind to support each other and the Austin community.

For Sunday July 25, 2021 our short-term solution will be to require everyone to wear a mask. This week, the leadership of your spiritual home will be meeting to determine the additional changes that need to occur within UCOH to keep everyone safe. We will update you to further changes as soon as we have made the necessary analysis.

This significant change in the pandemic levels is an opportunity for us to affirm we have the resilience to endure through this next wave. It’s a time to put feet on our faith and support each other with patience and grace. Together let’s work through this time as we are being called to dig a little deeper into the beliefs held by the collective consciousness. As we go deeper within, may we find our well-spring to create in new and profound ways.

With you in Spirit and solidarity,

Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones

BlogCOVID Update for UCOH Effective July 23, 2021