Metamorphosis: The EEEE’s of Easter
Extravagant, Extreme, Exquisite, Excitement

As we move into the Easter Season 2021, our theme is Metamorphosis. We’ll be exploring and playing with the EEEE’s of Easter: Extravagant, Extreme, Exquisite, Excitement. Can you feel how all of these words are alive at Unity Church of the Hills at this time?

Hopefully you can also feel the play of the EEEE’s as EASE. Our Spirit Circles have been working with Rev. Aliza’s book Falling Into Ease, and it’s been a consistent invitation from Rev. Aliza for all of us to step into greater ease, so we’ll be weaving that idea into our overall Easter message.

Easter: A Time of Renewal

Easter is typically a time of renewal—a changing of the seasons literally and metaphorically. This year, beyond the literal transition from winter to spring, we at UCOH experience the shift from a season with no senior minister to one of potential new leadership. Collectively we are gently shifting from the isolation and social distancing of the pandemic towards greater connection as we mindfully and safely reopen. There is light at the end of the tunnel.  And, of course, there is the dramatic seasonal change in the life of Jesus that we recognize and honor each Easter as we also look to our own spiritual evolution of consciousness.

Palm Sunday is the beginning of what we call Holy Week.  In fact, much of the recorded life of Jesus happened in that one week. At the beginning of the week, Jesus enters Jerusalem triumphantly on a donkey with palm leaves and singing of Hosana, Hosana. There was great excitement and anticipation, but no one knew the twists and turns that week would bring.

Good Friday is a moment in time that embraces tragedy and grief—the unbelievable. It is an entering into the darkness and trusting that we will emerge again. Good Friday is a wonderful time to practice extreme self-care and exquisite gentleness for yourself and the world at large.

Easter Is a celebration of LIFE! A resurrection of all things new. It is New Birth – in consciousness, in heart opening love, and in possibilities!

At UCOH, we lean into the EEEE’s of Easter by including an awareness and consciousness in all that we do and bring! We honor the journey we’ve been on, the twists and turns of life. We bring an awareness that the Easter Season is a time of great transformation and transition. Please consider joining us for any or all of our events this Season.

We’ve prepared “Easter Packages” that include opportunities to embrace the Easter season at home with activities and supplies to support the season. Depending on volunteer support, we’ll be delivering many of these, so look for an Easter Bunny to come by your home. If we can’t make it to your home, or you would prefer to come by and pick up a package, please contact the Front Office at 512-335-4449 or email

Palm Sunday Background

Palm Sunday

The Week that Changed the World
March 28, 2021 – 11:25 am Sunday Service 

Palm Sunday is the beginning of the week that change the world—at least for Jesus and his followers. How (and why) could you be changed this week—transformed by the renewing of your mind; releasing any and all things that no longer serve you and prepare for the changes that are coming your way? Get ready to be ready for something completely new and exciting, beyond even your wildest imaginations!

To reserve your seats in the Pavilion or the Sanctuary, RSVP here.

Good Friday Background

Good Friday Service

Good Friday doesn’t seem good at all when you consider what happened to Jesus, so why do we call it good? What can we learn and apply in our own lives about the dark moments in our lives? We’ll explore the Last Words of Jesus and apply them to our own lives as we journey through the tomb to make room for the resurrection of the Light. We will have communion.

To reserve your seats in the Sanctuary, RSVP here.

Easter Sunrise Background

Easter Sunrise Meditation

The Sun/Son Comes Up Again!
April 4, 2021 – 7am Facebook/YouTube Premiere 

Join Rev. Aliza at Sunrise on Easter morning for a guided meditation titled “The Sun/Son Comes Up Again!”. This special pre-recorded meditative service will be simulcast LIVE on Facebook and Youtube starting at 7:00am.

We invite and encourage you to join us for this special early morning meditative service to center yourself in the risen Christ Coinsciousness, to awaken to a new day dawning and to discover a new world of possibilities in the coming year.

Easter Service Background

Easter Sunday Main Service

Let God Be God In You, Anew and Renewed!
April 4, 2021 – 11:25 am Sunday Service

Happy Easter! Today we celebrate the BIRTH of God in You! Just as Jesus was resurrected and walked among the disciples, today we symbolically begin again, anew and renewed! Let the celebration begin, let the new awaken in you a realm of possibilities. Be ready for the next and let this Easter be that turning moment in your life and in the life of UCOH!

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