January 16, 2022 11:25 am

11:25 Sunday Celebration Service - In Person & Online - Unity Church of the Hills - Livestreamed


You Are Valued

Being valued starts with appreciation. Do you appreciate yourself, your life, and your abilities? If you can't appreciate all that you are, how are you going to value yourself? The truth is, “You Are Valued”. You are the spark of God, a unique and essential expression of the Divine. To God, your “value” is divinely established and beyond measure. But, let's face it, until you know this truth, you will not truly value yourself, nor can  anyone else.
Join Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones this coming Sunday morning, January 16, at 11:25am for Part 2 of the 6-week series on Kyle Cease’s book, "The Illusion of Money".
Please join us for our Sunday Contemporary Service. Masks are required while indoors. 

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