Dear Ones,

The Board of Trustees is very excited to be delivering great news on a couple of fronts. First, we have a plan for reopening the Church! Late last month the Board appointed a committee to develop a reopening plan. The committee, comprised of Board members, staff and congregants generated a multi-phase plan that will guide us as we conduct a measured reopening over the coming weeks. More information will be coming out on that plan in the next day or so.

Secondly, the Board’s investigations into an interim minister have been guided by Spirit and have led us to a candidate about whom we are very excited. Following a comprehensive vetting process, we are pleased to announce that Reverend Dr. Robert “Ras” Smith will be visiting UCOH on June 7th to provide the Sunday message at our 11:25 am Service. Reverend Ras was recommended by our consultant, Dr. Roger Teel, and has a Masters of Divinity from the Holmes Institute, is an ordained minister of Religious Science (now Centers for Spiritual Living), has over 17 years of ministry experience at Mile Hi Church and has been a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 1995. As spiritual movements which both originated with New Thought, Unity and Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) have similar theologies, practices and a shared desire to awaken and transform human consciousness. This alignment allowed Unity Worldwide Ministries to establish full reciprocity with CSL and allows for this beautiful opportunity to come forth for UCOH. Please make sure you save the date on your calendar, as we will want your feedback.  

Again, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all who have held the high watch and chipped in to help out in a multitude of ways. As we look forward, with great expectancy, we know that God’s greatest Good is unfolding for Unity Church of the Hills.


Frank T. Phelan

President, UCOH Board of Trustees

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