Update on Minister Search Process

Dear Ones,

I wanted to connect with you all, as a lot has transpired over the past month.  As everyone is aware, our beloved Minister Emeritus Rev. Steve Bolen finished his three-month commitment as a temporary Interim Minister at the end of June.  We are so grateful for his willingness to step in and provide such a calming, centered presence during the challenging time of civil unrest coupled with the ongoing pandemic.  Blessings to both Steve and Mary as they again get to return to their “retired” life with their family.

Beginning the first of this month, we have engaged Rev. Dr. Ras as our Interim Minister.  He is such an experienced minister, leader and bright light who brings amazing skills, knowledge and New Thought consciousness to our church.  The Board is already actively working with Dr. Ras and our consultant, Rev. Dr. Roger Teel, on transition efforts and the new Senior Minister(s) search.  Beyond the I of the Storm work that is ongoing, we are actively planning to bring forward another process for reflection and healing in order to pave the way for the best possible manifestation of new spiritual leadership for our congregation.  Our new Senior Minister(s) will be a reflection of our consciousness, so I encourage all (myself included) to spend time in contemplation and investing in inner preparatory work.  My favorite practice for this is that of total consent to God’s activity within me that aligns me with my highest and greatest good, or as a friend puts it: “Allowing God to rearrange the furniture inside me.” 

Concurrent with the inner work is the outer work of beginning the process to find our new Senior Minister(s).  The board has formed three teams to conduct the search: Ministerial Search, Promotion, and Prayer.  Each of these teams is comprised of select congregants and board representatives.  Staff will also be involved in the Promotion and Prayer teams and will of course have input on any candidates.  We are really excited about the consciousness of these groups and know that they are perfect for this task. 

Please know that as the process continues to unfold, we will keep you apprised.  There will be opportunities for congregant input along the way as well as Sunday services conducted by candidates (following proper vetting) to allow everyone to get to know candidates and provide feedback to the Board. 

Our timeframe is still ambitious, as we have set a goal of having our new leader in place before the end of the year and hopefully even before the holiday season.  We are excited about this process and know that we are all being led to meet just the right spiritual leader for Unity Church of the Hills. 

Frank Phelan, Board President

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