1. What lead you to want to serve on the Board? 

I am driven to give back to the community that has given so much to me. Serving on the Board with my unique skillsets is my way of honoring the church that I love and helping it not only maintain but grow. 

As I continue to improve myself daily, and with the education classes, people, and UCOH staff, as well as the volunteering to help others in the community, all contribute to my transformation journey. I want everyone to have the opportunity I had and will help in any way to move them forward in their own emotional and spiritual growth. 

2. Do you currently or have you served on any other Volunteer teams? 

I currently serve on the Praying Chaplain team, the hospitality team, the YFM team, and the lead for the endowment fund team. I continue to offer emotional support to those in need, jump onto one-off projects as needed, and willingly give as needed. Whenever there’s a call for volunteers, you can usually find me there because I just love to be in service to others. 

Outside of OCOH, I do volunteer with the Hill Country Food Ministry, picking up food from the local grocery stores and delivering it to the food bank. 

3. How long have you been a member of UCOH? 

I officially became a member back in February of 2017. I have attended the church for about 6+ years. 

4. Something we should know about you? 

I’m a child at heart and sometimes act it. I work during the day, I bring my lightheartedness to the team, but laugh a lot on my off-hours. My greatest strength is also my greatest weakness; I have a hard time saying no when someone asks me to help. So, I am often running from one service event to another. 

As an active member and past executive of a Rotary Club, where we give back not only to our local community but globally as well, I am engaged in the Rotary fundraising, which I connected with UCOH. This involvement not only allows me to raise money for the Rotary’s philanthropic ventures but contributed to the Youth Ministry as well. All these and much more add to my busy schedule. 

5. Something we wouldn’t know by looking at you? 

You may see a refined woman on the outside, but deep inside, I am a tomboy. 

I have a love for fixing things. I enjoy working with my hands and own a variety of power tools. I continue to remodel and upgrade my home, from installing a lawn sprinkler system, laying hardwood floors, and tiles to personally fixing my dryer all without calling a repairman. I also love cooking all types of food, but especially Asian. I don’t cook with recipes and make it up as I go, and more times than not, everything turns out quite tasty. 

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