For the past 24 years my wife, Nina, and I have lived in Cedar Park, raised our two children and been
active members in our community. I am a Texas-Licensed Professional Engineer, work for a small civil
engineering consulting firm and specialize in municipal engineering with a focus on utility systems
design. In the past few years since our children have left home, we have become avid RV’rs, heading
out about once a month for weekends of solitude, reflection and recreation.

  1. What lead you to want to serve on the Board? Initially, and much to my surprise, my wife
    suggested that I serve. Over the past three terms I have learned that Board service is a great vehicle
    for expression of my gratitude for Unity and our congregation. My family has been blessed by Unity
    and my prayer is that by serving others will benefit in-kind.
  2. Do you currently or have you served on any other Volunteer teams? I have now served on the
    projection team for over 17 years, as both a member and a team lead. I also serve as the Church’s Boy
    Scout Troop Charter Representative as well as the Eagle Scout project coordinator. Two years ago, I
    served on the Strategic Vision Plan team in the year-long development of our 5-year Plan. In the past
    I have served on the nominating team, volunteered for hands on housing, presented workshops at the
    men’s retreat and participated in family outings. Informally, I have served as the keeper of all the
    maps, plans and surveys of the church and as the board liaison for facilities. During the construction
    of the Unity Oaks building I provided construction phase engineering services and support.
  3. How long have you been a member of UCOH? We began regular attendance and volunteering
    shortly after the church moved to the current site in 2001.
  4. Something we should know about you? I don’t consider my life my own. When I was 22 years old,
    I made the decision to turn my will and my life over to my higher power. Since that decision, my life
    has been extraordinary. I also believe that the most satisfactory years of my existence lay ahead.
    Unity’s 1st and 2nd principles offer an unlimited potential to realize a unified expression of love that
    is unbounded. I crave exploring that with our like-minded community to its fullest manifestation.
  5. Something we wouldn’t know by looking at you? When I was in kindergarten, I began playing
    the cello. I was a member of a youth orchestra for many years that travelled, playing many venues.
    We even cut a couple of albums. Still in grade school I was able to tune any string instrument by ear.
    I can hear pitch, just don’t ask me to sing.
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