Whether feared or loved, there has always been some form of God in human awareness throughout history. By whatever name we use, the Divine Presence of God has been acknowledged and affirmed by civilizations the world over. But, who, or what, God is precisely has proven to be an open ended discussion.

Still, the word God itself is a powerful one, capable of bringing us into an awareness of the limitless power and all encompassing presence of the Divine Creator wherever we are in whatever circumstances. God has many names, many faces. Still, for our purposes, God is a perfectly suitable name.

God Is My Best Friend, Andy!

I remember a story of a Sunday school teacher named Miss Jones who was speaking with the children about God. She wanted to learn more about what they thought of God and what God meant to each of them. When she came to little Tommy she simply said, “Tommy, tell me about God.” Tommy replied, saying that he knew God by name. She smiled and thought to herself, “This boy has a special relationship with God.”

Then Tommy said, “God’s name is Andy.” Curious, Miss Jones asked Tommy, “Why do you say God’s name is Andy.” Tommy quickly replied, “I learned it from the song. You know it, Miss Jones. It goes like this: Andy walks with me Andy talks with me. Andy tells me I am his own.” At this point, Miss Jones was looking straight into Tommy’s smiling face, and she smiled back. Then Tommy said directly to Miss Jones, “God is my best friend, Andy.”

God Is Presence, God Is Power

I wonder, how many of us think of God as our friend? As children, we were mostly taught that God was like an old man with a beard floating on a cloud in the sky, watching our every move, and keeping track of our mistakes. This was not unlike how we also learned to view Santa Claus.

Yet, God has no physical form. God is presence. In Unity, we affirm this in our first principle: There is only One Presence and One Power active in the universe, God, the Good. One Presence, or omnipresence, all presence. One Power, or omnipotence, all power. We can also add One Knowledge, or omniscience, all knowledge. In Unity terms, these are all attempts at defining that which is ultimately undefinable, an attempt to label that which cannot be labeled. We can only point to an idea of God; because God is far too vast and dynamic for our limited human consciousness to fully grasp or name in human terms.

God Is Everything, Everywhere

Let’s break this down a bit further. When we state that there is only One Presence, we are declaring that this too is God. We are claiming, there is no place where God is not. We are acknowledging the one all encompassing presence that holds all of the universe in unity, and oneness. Likewise, We affirm the truth that there is only one of us here, that everything is part of everything. Simply stated, God is everything, everywhere.

When we say, there is only One Power active in the universe, we are declaring there is only one creative power that created all that is. We are affirming that this One Power is the origin of all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be. This One Power is the origin of all thought, the power and presence behind that still, small voice of the Christ Within that we hear in the silence. This One Power and One Presence is God.

God Is All Knowledge, God Is All Truth

In the same way, when we say that there is only One Knowledge, or omniscience, we are affirming that God is all knowledge, itself. Not that God is all knowing, but that God is all knowledge, all truth that we can know. We affirm God is the one and only source of all knowledge, all truth that can be known. When we align with and call forth this divine wisdom, we are instantly inspired by divine ideas sourcing from the limitless potential of God’s creation. God is in all. God is all. Simply stated, God is.

Whether we think of God as Higher Power, Source, the Infinite, Love, Great One, the Divine, the Goddess, Spirit, Creative Force, Divine Mind, Universal Mind, Substance, Creator, Mother, Father, Truth, Sweet Friend, Presence, Andy or the Big Kahuna…we know that the name by which we refer to God is perfect for us in this moment. We need not be concerned with titles, or specific names, only the experience of the One Power, One Presence active in our lives. God Is.

God Is My Mantra, God Is My Prayer 

God Is. Just these two words alone are enough to call forth and claim all of God’s divine, creative power into your own personal experience. God is. Take a moment to consciously speak these two words to yourself. God is. Affirm this truth. Breathe in “God” and breathe out “Is.” Mindfully, repeat it three times, aligning closer and closer to it’s truth each time you say it.

Notice any changes in how you feel, how you are responding energetically to those two simple words. God Is. Do you feel the power of this divine truth resonating within your being, at deeper and deeper levels? Using this as a simple, centering mantra in your life is a powerful way of consciously connecting with God through the indwelling Christ within your own being, wherever you are, whatever time of day, no matter the circumstances you may be moving through in your life. God Is.

This simple, yet powerful, practice can dramatically shift your life into higher and higher expressions. It only takes seconds to do. We can do it wherever we are in all circumstances. And, it will provide us with all the reassurance and comfort we may need during stressful, challenging times in our lives, or even when we are engaged in the creative process of new manifestation in our lives. God Is. And, all is well.

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