November is traditionally a month for gratitude, and one thing I am most grateful for is Unity’s teachings. In his book, The Twelve Powers of Man, Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, espoused the faculty of Renunciation. According to, renunciation is defined as “an act or instance of relinquishing, abandoning, repudiating, or sacrificing something, as a right, title, person, or ambition.”

So renunciation is eliminating those things from our lives that no longer serve us or no longer contribute to our souls’ growth. In his book, The Revealing Word, Mr. Fillmore metaphysically defines renunciation as “a letting go of old thoughts in order that new thoughts may find play in consciousness.” He goes on to state that “a healthy state of mind is attained when the thinker willingly lets go the old thoughts and takes on the new.”

Giving Up the Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Many of us have been reading Practical Metaphysics by Eric Butterworth recently. In it he recommends going on a “Seven Day Verbal Diet.” He challenges us — no, dares us — to go on a fast, a mental diet from negative thinking. Sometimes in Unity it’s been called giving up that “stinkin’ thinkin’.” We all can fall prey to it; the key is becoming aware of those negative thoughts, especially our habitually negative ones and then renouncing, eliminating, or eschewing those thought patterns. Interestingly, the power of renunciation is located in the center of bodily elimination, the intestines. The intestines eliminate waste from the body, just as renunciation mentally eliminates error thinking from our mind.

Just this week I was speaking to a fellow “Unitic” about the importance of surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who can help us on our journeys. I’ve been very blessed in my life, in that the majority of my closest friends and family members are also positive, progressive thinkers.

Recently, my husband of 27 ½ years swung me up and around in a tight bear hug. He exuberantly crushed me to him and in doing so, he bruised one of my ribs pretty badly. He lovingly pointed out to me that I kept saying that it felt like it was broken. I wasn’t even aware I was doing it! Since he pointed it out, I caught myself beginning to think that thought and was able to eliminate it from my mind. I’m feeling stronger and healthier with every breath!

I Am the Thinker

Sue Riley, the Music Director at Unity Church of Clearwater in Florida, penned a song in 2004 entitled “I Am the Thinker.” I love that song! Not only is it a catchy tune, but the lyrics are fabulous. The chorus is “I am the thinker who thinks the thought, that changes things that shape my life… I am the thinker who thinks the thought, I have the power to change my life!” So, not only is renunciation one of our “twelve powers,” it also imbues us with the power to change or transform our lives. And that, my friends, is part and parcel of what Unity is all about, TRANSFORMING lives.

So you have it. YOU have the power. It’s really very simple, not always so easy to put into practice, but the concept is simple. Another Unity composer, Carmen Moshier, wrote a song I grew up singing, entitled “We Make Our Own World.” One line is “let’s watch our thinking,” and another is “We make our own world, wherever we are. Keep thinking happy, we’ll make a new world!” So as we move more solidly into this month of gratitude, I invite you to embrace the power of elimination and eliminate the negative thinking from your life. In the process you will make a new world for yourself!


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