Important Covid Update – 08/12/2021

Dear Divine Being,

We find ourselves again having to communicate about this pesky pandemic. As many of you know, the City of Austin is at stage 5 and there are only 2 ICU beds available for the 11-county area around Austin. Now our community is impacted by the virulent nature of this new variant, we have had 2 positive COVID cases within our Celebration Music Ministry. These individuals are fully vaccinated, began having symptoms within the last few days and thus received tests which confirmed they are positive for COVID. They are both at home and we are sending them our prayers and love.

As Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we must walk in both worlds. We are embodying the Christ Presence, but we aren’t walking on water yet. At least, I’m not. If you are, please contact me ASAP!

What this means is that we get to bring our Spiritual Principles to bear on the situations that we face, coming from a place of Love and Compassion while we deal with these physical bodies and minds. As your spiritual leader, it is my responsibility to make decisions that care for the whole of our community. I’ve been in deep discernment and in conversations with your staff and Board of Trustees.

In one of those meetings, an analogy was shared that I think is helpful – that of responding to flood conditions. In sunshine and periods of light rain, we drive our cars responsibly. When the rain increases and water starts pouring over the banks, we stay off the roads. Sometimes, roads need to be closed.  It is a mindful dance of proactively responding to the situation that arises.

At the same time that the City of Austin is at stage 5, and we have our positive cases here at UCOH, we also recognize the need for personal responsibility and individual choice. As we weigh all these factors, this is the course of action that we have landed on.

For the next two Sundays:

  • YFM will be virtual only. They are our top priority, and we want to be mindful of their safety.
  • 8 AM Service will remain virtual on Facebook Live. No change. We are delaying our re-opening of this Service to early September.
  • The 11:25 am Service will be limited to 100 people with physical distancing. Please RSVP here: Masks continue to be required indoors. The Austin Department of Health suggests: if you are immune compromised or unvaccinated, please stay home, except for essentials. If you fall into this category, you may want to consider watching the Service from home.
  • All small groups will meet virtually for the next two weeks.

We ask for your support, your prayers, your kindness with each other, and your centered peaceful presence. Together, we will navigate this wave and emerge ever stronger. I am holding you all in love and great appreciation. I am continually blown away by how amazing you are, and I am grateful to be a part of this community.


Rev. Sheree

BlogImportant Covid Update – 08/12/2021