I have been an active member of UCOH for 17 years. I currently volunteer in the Bookstore with my wife Robena, and have also served on the Endowment Fund Management Board.
Volunteering at UCOH allows me to give back to others what I am receiving in abundance. And what I receive is love, positivity and acceptance.
For me, UCOH has always been a stress free place of joy and laughter. Church is fun!

According to our Bookstore Manager, Melissa Larson, John has faithfully been volunteering in the bookstore for many years. He is pleasant, cheerful and helpful to shoppers. John also takes off work every year to help Melissa with completing her annual inventory, which takes all day.
We are especially grateful to John for recently purchasing the new computers and monitors to upgrade our point of sale system in the Bookstore!
Thank you John for giving so generously of your time, talent and treasure to benefit our spiritual home! We love and appreciate you!

To view John’s Video Testimonial, click here.

VolunteerJune 2022 Volunteer of the Month, John Whitfield