Tuesdays, February 24 thru April 7—7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Class Registration $60.00




SEE Credit is Available here from Unity Institute

Please register in advance so that your materials will be available for you at the first session.

“Keys to the Kingdom” is a seven-week course constructed to lead students through a personal transformation of awareness. It is designed to help you identify and change limited beliefs about abundance, happiness, and success. This is not a course about simply getting more money or material things. It is actually a guide to developing a higher level of spiritual awareness. The program leads to an understanding of the spiritual foundation of true abundance and creating a life in greater harmony with spiritual law.  As part of the curriculum you will be tithing in class during the 7 weeks instead of your weekly offering in Sunday Service.

Licensed Unity Teachers Mary Kennedy-Smith and Bob Withrow will facilitate this class, developed by David Owen Ritz.

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