A virtual Thank You Note has been created to honor and thank our teachers. As you know, the current and ongoing health crisis has disrupted every aspect of our lives. And while there’s a great difference of opinion on how to best address this issue, most agree that the teachers have stepped up to fill the gap created by modifying their teaching techniques, incorporating new technologies to traditional learning modes and adjusting curriculum so that it is “Take-Out” style for parents and students who choose to learn from home as well as continuing traditional learning from the classroom.  

We want to so our appreciation and gratitude to them by creating a Texas-sized Thank You!

Click the button above to show your gratitude with a heartfelt “thank you.” The goal is to capture thousands of notes to share with our deserving teachers. 

This link is being shared with our congregation and all local PTAs, Community Organizations, Students, and Independent School District officials who wish to fill it with gratitude and thanksgiving. For the month of October, the card will be passed around, virtually. You can upload video clips, GIFs, music, etc. Then, in November we will send the virtual card out to every teacher in every school district on our list. 

I hope you will join this effort. And if you are a teacher, in any capacity, thank you!

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