UCOH's Volunteer of the Month February 2021 - Robena Jackson

How long have you been a member of UCOH?

I started coming to UCOH on the 2nd or 3rd week of its existence here in Austin. We met in Grisham Middle School Cafeteria and on my second visit, I saw Fred and Jerry stacking chairs after service – so I helped.

What Service Ministry Teams are you currently volunteering with?

Youth & Family Ministry

Parking Usher Team (in 5 years, it has never rained on me!)

Garden Team – Rain or shine

What Service Ministry Teams have you volunteered with in the past?

Usher Team – I was the head Usher when we were at the Shopping Center. That is where I met Cliff Mark, Andy Needler, and Mills Spangberg. We formed a Mastermind group. Cliff is still a MM partner of mine. MASTERMIND ADVISORY – I am most proud of a friend who put the Mastermind principles to work and is living her dream life!

What would you like to say about volunteering at UCOH?

The Fifth Unity Principle – Put your beliefs into action. Action turns the first four principles from Beliefs to Faith. And you get more than you give.

One of the more memorable volunteer experiences was when I pulled wires in the Sanctuary with Bob Heinrichs. A heated exchange accompanied Bob’s tutorial on how to best pull wires.

I worked with the Tech Team on special events like the Holiday Extravaganza where I finally got to put my Theater Degree to some good use.

Flapjack Easter Bunny! I had the honor of serving with the Loyal Flapjackers, making breakfast before Sunrise Service on Easter. I miss that. Next year, we’ll do it again with our new gas grill!

Landscape Team – Lu Marks and I replanted the planter in front of the Church at the Shopping Center. and helped with the initial landscaping on this campus.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or UCOH?

It is the people who make a church dynamic. Yes, the Minister, and the staff, but especially the volunteers. By volunteering, you are investing in creating the church you want to have. There are plenty of different things to do. There is a place for you! Come and find your spot.

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