There is One God, One Presence, One Power that is the Defining Presence in All of Life. This Presence Permeates and Embraces All of Life, All that we know and All that we do not know.

I know that I am one with this One Life, One with this Power and that my Mind and God’s Mind mingle in the realms of possibilities right now. It is in this realm of all that is possible that I speak this prayer of healing right now. I am Forever connected with this Spirit that is God, is Life, is the One Power of all things.

From this connection with the Living Presence that I speak my words right now for the release of prejudice from any person who’s heart has harbored hate toward blacks, or any people of color or race different than their own. I know there is a healing and an awakening of connection between the people of all races and cultures across this planet. There is a new understanding and a new compassion that is embraced and is the heart of a world that truly works for everyone. I know this peace and healing in my own heart and it is the power of a loving and living God that transforms the heart and expression of every human being right here and right now. Everyone.

And so I give thanks for this realization of truth, knowing fully that it is the gift of the healing power of God. I celebrate in knowing this prayer and this healing is complete and known by everyone on our planet right now.

So I release these words to the power greater than I am that knows this truth and so much more. To the Power that sees this healing and through it’s Loving power has already made it so. So I release this prayer knowing it is already done in the mind and experience of God.

It is through that Christ Spirit that lives in me, and all people that I know this prayer has already been answered. And so it is. Amen.

Blog Prayer for Healing of Racism