We are excited to announce that we are supporting Round Rock ISD Families in Transition with a school supply drive. Families in Transition exists to ensure that children in homeless situations have the opportunities and tools necessary to succeed in school. This is particularly important right now when it is unclear if schools will be meeting in person or virtually.

We’ve set up shopping registries at Target for each of the age groups. You can shop directly from each link and even have the order shipped to UCOH free of charge for orders over $35.

If you prefer to shop on your own or shop elsewhere, download the RRISD School Supply list here: https://www.supplylist.com/school/3SM11_Round-Rock-High-School

All supplies should be dropped off at UCOH by August 10th.

Don’t have time to shop (even online)? Make a financial contribution using the button below and we’ll take care of the shopping for you.

If you have already made a contribution, “Thank you!” We will continue accepting contributions throughout the TAX FREE WEEKEND! Please be sure to have your donations at the UCOH by 5pm on Monday, August 10.

Target registries for supplies

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/d08440bea97c44f98a3bfa6e7360dc58

1st GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/94cd26367f9c40beb6cb72d2d1018fa4

2nd GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/b0d06ea8334d484f9beebbb0fb31522a

3rd GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/d697b773c3f44bbc91e310eec5a354bf

4th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/3d522e1a6e6e4a2c895d87c853c8fd55

5th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/d26d9e7b44244510a9f452e8bbc67354

6th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/7345582bc25748f08fbbdadd9137549d

7th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/f2def202dc084cc283dc2c9bda8cfe04

8th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/d69f4e0eeb56468c854c35d24b42e4f1

9th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/ba09506dddd942b6b4c3821413527659

10th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/ba09506dddd942b6b4c3821413527659

11th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/12235f9f114840ae9a4beba3c6720baa

12th GRADE REGISTRY: tgt.gifts/9726aeea9377454ea46fc96a138d4ad9

Round Rock High School Supply lists: https://www.supplylist.com/school/3SM11_Round-Rock-High-School

Please add “School Supplies” in the Offering Notes

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