Q&A with Volunteer of the Month – Thelene Scarborough

Q:        How long have you been a member of UCOH?

A:        I first came here the Sunday in September of 2016 when Reverend Steve and Mary Bolen announced that they would be retiring. After service, Mary helped me find information about the choir. I had no idea that “Inspiration” in the bulletin was referring to the choir. On that Wednesday, I went to choir rehearsal. I immediately fell in love with the choir, the Director, and the church. I have been a member for 5 years since Summer of 2017.

Q:        What Service Ministry Teams are you currently volunteering with?

A:        I currently volunteer by singing with the choir and have been since the beginning except for a season or two until COVID. I am always excited when the choir is performing. I love looking at the people in the church from the risers of the choir and smiling, connecting.

A:        Being a prayer chaplain is such a blessing. I love being with people in prayer and having an experience of Spirit together. Just the simple reminder that there is only One Power can make such a difference when people are struggling. One of my favorite times to pray with others is when they come together in that “when two or more are gathered” and share their blessings or gratitude. I also serve as an usher. That is a delight. I get to smile at people and tell them how grateful I am that they are present.  

Q:        What Service Ministry Teams have you volunteered with in the past? 

A:        I began volunteering as a greeter. But I was not put in a regular spot on the schedule. Jodi used me in whatever spot she needed me. I do not really remember what I did because I just jumped in where I was needed.  Occasionally I did single event volunteering like Christmas decoration put away or serving communion or helping at events like the silent auctions. There were times that I would come to help and there would be no one at the church, either because I missed the word that it was cancelled or because there was enough help that it only took one hour when they scheduled it for six hours. I have always just made myself available for the job at hand. That is what I love about this Church.

Q:        What would you like to say about volunteering at UCOH?

A:        I love being of service to this Church and just loving these people. I tend to just do what is in front of me. Sometimes just a smile, a hug or a dance. I cannot encourage others enough to volunteer. I get more out of volunteering than I give.

When we were just starting to return to church life after COVID, I realized that what would save me from the effects of isolation was to insert myself as a volunteer. I volunteered almost every Sunday starting in May of last year as an usher, greeter, whatever. Volunteering brought me back to life. 

Sometimes we hesitate to volunteer because we think we can’t. Some of the best Prayer chaplains we have had are people who were not sure that they could do it.

And truthfully everyone can sing, it is just making a beautiful noise unto the lord. Often some mean kid or adult told us a lie when we were vulnerable that we could not sing. It set us on a false avoidance. If you sing in your car to the radio, you can sing. It may not be perfect, but it is beautiful.

I love this church and I love you. If you ever question your value or your life, come give yourself away and share your loving by volunteering.

To view Thelene’s Video Testimonial, click here.

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