Tim Wright


In August 2007, Tim accepted a friend’s invitation to come to UCOH to hear Joe Vitale speak about his just published book, Zero Limits, and the ho’oponopono prayer. Tim arrived late, the sanctuary was packed, and he had to stand in the back. He felt the energy at once. Tim returned to UCOH for the next 13 Sundays and suddenly realized it had been years since he attended any church with such frequency. Or with such energy and joy.

Since then, Tim has been a regular at UCOH. His most obvious and intense engagement is as a Prayer Chaplain. He’s served for 15 years, a number of those years as a member and/or leader of the Prayer Chaplain Leadership Team.

Tim has a long and varied career in education and training. From college he taught junior high/middle school English. He followed that with 37 years (to date) in corporate learning and development, as a trainer, content designer/developer, manager, director, and vice president. He currently works for Dell Technologies, heading the communications and thought leadership function in the Education Services organization.

Tim’s strongest demonstration of his attachment to Unity is his marriage to Cindy, a retired Unity Minister. Cindy was minister at Unity of Georgetown, TX when they met, fell in love, dated for a short time and got married. They live happily in Sun City (Georgetown).


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