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Is it time to donate your Time and Talent to Unity Church of the Hills?  The following links will give you information regarding the various volunteer opportunities available at Unity Church of the Hills.


For more information about any of the volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Liaison using the form below, or talk with Tammy Lorraine on Sunday morning.



Prayer Team

Team Leader: Jim Sheetz
Time Commitment: Daily prayer and special events as needed

This ministry is dedicated to prayers and spiritual support to those in need. The first names of those needing prayer are emailed to the Prayer Team and then forwarded to Unity Village.


Team Leader: Jody Jones and Tammy Lorraine
Time commitment: Serve before and after Sunday Services. Six teams serve every three weeks.

This ministry is made up of smiling faces, warm handshakes and Unity hugs. The Ambassadors meet you as you enter the Church and wish you well as you leave. They also coordinate with the Newcomers Welcoming Team to identify first-timers.


Team Leader: Nancy Henderson
Time commitment: 45 minutes before Service on Sunday, and until 1:00 pm after the 11:30am Service. Other duties require different time commitments.

We have a wonderful bookstore filled with Unity, self-help, inspirational and motivational books, tapes and CDs. Volunteers help ring up sales on Sunday mornings, answer questions, receive and mark books for sale, and create attractive, eye-catching displays. Training provided and required.

Community Cafe Ushers

Team Leader: Alfred Herrera
Time commitment: One Sunday a month at second service

These dedicated Ushers provide a sacred space for those wishing to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching a broadcast of the Second Service in Friendship Hall.


Team Leaders: Unassigned
Time commitment: Before and after Service every 4-6 weeks; special events and workshop hospitality-as needed.

The coffee and snacks you enjoy during Friendship Hour after Service or at a meeting or workshop are the result of the dedicated work of the Hospitality Team. Set up before Service, keep the refreshments replenished during Friendship Hour and clean up afterwards.

Newcomers Welcoming

Team Leaders: Glenda Fairchild and Ralph Tilney
Time commitment: Arrive at 9:00 am or 11:00 every third Sunday.

The Newcomers Welcoming Team has the unique opportunity to meet and greet everyone in the Church, and distribute Newcomer’s packets and Worship Experience Sampler CDs at the “Name Tag Bar” to first-time visitors before Service. Their goal is to promote an atmosphere of “we welcome you, we are so happy that you have come to join us, and we want you to make this your spiritual home.”

Parking Ushers

Team Leader: John Boyden
Time commitment: Arrive at 8:45 am or 10:30 am every third Sunday.

The Parking Ushers assist church members and visitors to a Divine parking spot! They also greet everyone as they enter the property and park their vehicles. They are often called on to provide information and directions.

Roving Ambassadors

Team Leader: Jody Jones
Time commitment: Serve once a month.

The Roving Ambassadors are dedicated to making us the most ‘welcoming place on earth.’ These volunteers are knowledgeable of UCOH history and Unity principles. Their mission is to identify those new to the Church and assist them in making a connection with our community through spiritual grown and education.


Team Leaders: Andy Needler, Jon Edwards, Sherry Furley, and Marty Stevens
Time commitment: Arrive 45 minutes prior to either first or second Service, every other Sunday.

Sunday Service runs smoothly thanks to the efforts of the Usher team. They distribute bulletins, seat late-comers, take the offering, control the AC and lighting, and many other behind-the-scenes responsibilities.

Bon Appetit!

Team Leaders: Tony Dahl
Time commitment: Event based.

This party planning team gathers to offer a special touch to events and receptions making each affair sparkle! We host New Member Dinners, Receptions and Special Events. If you can bake a dish or add your personal flair to a table setting, this team is for you!

Gardening Team

Team Leader:Joette Pelliccia and Liz Klein

The landscape team is responsible for maintaining the 14.6 acres of pristine church property. As a team member, you will be responsible for mowing a small strip of land. We have hand mowers and weed trimmers. There are several areas that can be mowed with the riding lawn mower. This is once every three weeks during the spring and summer. It becomes once every 5 weeks during the fall and winter. We have divided the property into over 30 zones. A map of those zones is available at the church.

Health and Safety Team

Team Leader: Molly Gerber

In an effort to increase our preparedness in case of a medical emergency, we have formed a Health and Safety Team. Members of this team are trained in CPR and First Aid. They are our first responders to any congregants attending a Service, class or event needing immediate medical assistance. This team provides adequate First Aid supplies, provides trained First Aid and CPR members at each service and special event, holds fire and tornado drills for the children, and communicates evacuation plans to the congregation.

Lending Library

Team Leader: Mariela Wheeler

The Lending Library provides an opportunity to help individuals and families with spiritual growth. The Library Team catalogues new books and tapes and spends a few moments on Sunday mornings placing returned books back on the shelves.

Media Team

Sound Team Leader: Jeff Sarich
Projection Team Leader:  Rick Shores
Teleprompter Team Leader: Keith Baker
Duplication Team: Donna Pennell
Video Team Leader: Unassigned

Time commitment: One or two services per month as well as special events, weddings, and workshops as needed. Sound engineers arrive 75 minutes prior to events/services. Projection & lighting technicians arrive 30 minutes prior to events/services.

The Sound Team consists of a trained sound engineers whose responsibilities include Sunday Service, special programs, and weddings. We are currently in need of additional skilled sound engineers.

The Projection/Teleprompter Team is responsible to execute the multimedia (generally PowerPoint) program, changing lighting scenes, and operate the follow-spots during Sunday services, special events, and workshops. We are currently in need of one projectionist and six follow-spot operators.

The Duplication Team is responsible for creating CD’s after each Sunday service. CD’s are sold in the Bookstore and provided to the Sunday volunteers involved in activities that require they miss the service.

The Video Team is responsible for the simulcast into Friendship hall for the 11:30 service on Sunday’s, and for providing video elements for special events when requested.

Time Commitment: One to two services per month, as well as special events when requested. Video Directors arrive 45 minutes prior to events/services; Camera Operators arrive 30 minutes prior to 2nd service/ or event.

Weekly Office Volunteers

Team Leader: Rick Shores

The Office Volunteer comes in during the week to assist on projects for the Church, answering phones, and other various duties.

Special Events Team

Team Leaders: Ellen Fannin – Staff Liaison
Time Commitment: Project Based

This team coordinates and plans church-wide events such as the Father’s Day Picnic, Holiday Extravaganza, and others.

Workshop & Events

Team Leaders: Open
Time commitment: Based on need for volunteers and your availability and interest in event or workshop

This team of volunteers enjoys new experiences, growth, and participating in workshops or events. They support the workshop facilitator with registration and class needs and perform a variety of tasks ranging from registration to greeting to provide a great experience for those attending events.

Community / Service in the Community / Community Outreach

Team Leader — Cyndi Pace

Time commitment: Project basis

The Outreach Program supports several special projects offered by the Hill Country Community Ministries, i.e., Easter Baskets, School Supplies and Thanksgiving Food Drive, as well as Toys for Tots, Hands on Housing, Pet Pals and the Austin Police Department’s Kid Clothes Closet. Outreach is your opportunity to help provide practical support for those who are in need.

Youth and Family Ministry Volunteers

How to join our youth volunteer team

Our classrooms are filled with loving volunteers who are dedicated to guiding the children and teens in their individual journeys of spiritual self discovery. Our teachers and angels (assistants) are passionate about Unity principles and the future of our church, the Unity movement and our world.

Download the Volunteer Form

The Process of Becoming a Classroom Teacher or Assistant

• Review the teacher/leader/sponsor responsibilities
• Fill out the application and return to Linda Hancock
• Review the youth and family volunteer agreement
• Schedule an informal interview with Linda
• Schedule time to shadow current youth and family volunteers
• Schedule time for a brief orientation

Volunteer Requirements

• Must have attended Unity Church of the Hills for at least 3 months
• Must practice Unity principles in your daily life
• Must be willing to make at least a 6 month commitment, preferably one year
• Must be available to teach or angel at least 1 Sunday a month, preferably 2
• Must be willing to undergo a background check


Volunteers of the Month

April Volunteers of the Month:

Dona & Mark Muenzer, have been attending UCOH since April 2004. Mark is currently serving as an usher and is a member of our Photography Team. Dona, a Prayer Chaplain Emeritus, is a member of the Prayer Team and occasionally subs on the usher team.Mark&DonaMunzerJuly09 They are always ready to step in and assist where needed. Over the years, Dona and Mark have served our community in a number of ways: through their help with OutReach, through Dona’s service as a Prayer Chaplain, and on the Hospitality Team, to name but a few. According to Dona and Mark, “Volunteering is such a great way to learn a new skill, make a new friend, and make use of your leadership skills. In fact, it is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our Church community. Being active in our Church has truly helped us create change at the deepest spiritual level and in how we choose to live our lives. You cannot outgive God when it comes to giving of yourself.” Dona and Mark, your Spiritual Family thanks you for giving of yourselves. We are blessed by both of you and the numerous ways in which you give. Thank you!

And, congratulations on being our  Volunteers of the Month!




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