Board Nominations 2022

Dear UCOH Family,

The Unity Church of the Hills Nominating Team would like your suggestions for candidates to fill the Board of Trustee seats that will be open later in 2022. Board Members are elected at our annual meeting which takes place in November 2022.

This is an exciting time to be actively involved in shaping the direction and future of our beloved spiritual community. If you or someone you know is feeling the call to serve on our Board of Trustees, we ask that you put forth your or their name for consideration.

Following are the qualifications for service:

  • Be a member of UCOH and willing to make the commitment of time and energy to serve effectively
  • Endeavors to live in accordance with principles of love and truth as taught by Unity
  • Committed to their spiritual path & Unity Church of the Hills
  • Financially committed to this ministry
  • Grounded in Unity Principles
  • Strong leadership capability
  • Lives in integrity
  • Motivates and inspires others
  • Possesses good communications skills
  • Regularly attends Sunday Services and is involved in Church activities

If you know someone who exemplifies these qualifications, or if you would like to recommend yourself, please complete the nomination form (see link below)

All nominations must be received by October 15, 2022

Thank you for your participation!

– The UCOH Nominating Team

Click here to access the Board Nominee Recommendation Form

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