We are a diverse, inclusive spiritual community of Truth seekers who honor all paths to God, and we strive to demonstrate love and acceptance to everyone. We like to say of ourselves: “No labels. No dogma. Just Love!” Our work here is to individually connect with our own Indwelling Christ Presence and to express the Christ in all our actions. One way we do that is by being willing to see the Christ in everyone, no matter who they are, or where they are on their own spiritual journey. When we see you, we see a beautiful Child of God with an unlimited capacity for love and creative potential.

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Attend Services

Whether you attend our services at our campus or online, you can become a part of the UCOH conversation by joining others in celebration. 


Connect with others

Group life is an integral part of why so many call Unity Church of the Hills home. Whether involved in a Small Group, or connecting around common interests & affinities through our Community Groups, there are plenty of opportunities to create friendships and connect with like-minded individuals.



We believe service is an integral part of spiritual growth. As Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 

We have a myriad of volunteer opportunities, both within our community and out in the world through our Unity in the Community program.


Ask Questions

We’re a very friendly bunch—eager and excited to answer your questions. You can drop us a line electronically, give us a call, or stop us on a Sunday during fellowship following Services. Look for the yellow ribbons to specifically speak with one of our Licensed Unity Teachers or the purple sash for our Prayer Chaplains.

Receive Prayer Support

Unity’s foundation lies in the power of affirmative prayer to transform our lives. It’s always our pleasure to pray with you and provide resources to help you in your healing, recovery or deepening.


Bring your family

If you think you love Sunday Worship, just wait until your children get involved with our Youth and Family Ministry. Imagine the power of our youth coming to know, early on, that they are whole, perfect expressions of the Divine! Click to learn more about our Youth and Family Ministry programs.


Connect on social media

Add to the positive messages in your social feeds by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You’ll find affirmations to inspire as well as stay abreast of upcoming events, workshops and Services.


Take classes

Spiritual Education is a cornerstone of Unity and at Unity Church of the Hills you will find an almost limitless array of classes and workshops to choose from. Whether is a Spiritual Education and Enrichment class, workshops by leading-edge Spiritual Teachers, or ongoing classes & events, we’ve got something to help you deepen your spiritual understanding. Bookmark our Calendar for a listing of classes and sign up for our e-newsletter so you always know what’s on the horizon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 9905 Anderson Mill Rd, Austin, TX 78750. Our phone number is 512-335-4449. Visit our Contact Us page for a map and more details.

How can I get Prayer Support?

Our prayer ministry at Unity of Church of the Hills can support you in multiple ways. Submit a Prayer Request online or connect with one of our Prayer Chaplains before or after our Services. 

Temporary Campus Closure

Staying Healthy and Centered in God, we have created a Virtual Campus to support you and your family during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When can I attend Worship Services?

Unity Church of the Hills offers a variety of Worship Services where you can come to reconnect and re-center.

On Sundays

Each Sunday, we host three Worship Service, plus offering age-appropriate classes for children and youth. The 8am Contemplative Service, includes soft music and a message with a scriptural basis.

The 9:25am & 11:25am Services are both more celebratory in nature, with up-lifting music, a meditation and message by our Ministers.

Our Youth Education provides child care for infants, and classes for all ages, from toddlers through high school-aged students. These classes are held in the Youth Wing and Unity Oaks Building while the 9:25am & 11:25am Services are going on in the Sanctuary.

During the Week

During the week, you can come experience our Wednesday Evening Meditation Service and our 1am Daily Prayer Service, held Monday through Saturday. Both of these Services provide you a time of meditation and quiet reflection.

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