Becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher

The purpose of the Licensed Unity Teacher Program is to provide a Unity ministry with a leader who is equipped to serve and support a Unity minister and ministry. This program is designed to deepen one’s understanding of Unity principles and to acquire leadership skills, thereby equipping one to be a valuable asset to the church community. At UCOH, we are blessed to have approximately 20 Licensed Unity Teachers who are involved in almost every aspect of what makes UCOH so special.

After you begin to understand how spiritual principles can transform your life, you may choose to deepen your understanding and accelerate your spiritual growth by choosing the Licensed Unity Teacher path. This is a powerful way to expand your consciousness and explore what is truly yours to do in this lifetime.

While there is a commitment of time and energy, the benefits are phenomenal. Your spiritual path toward Licensed Unity Teacher may lead you to serve in this Unity movement in ways that will make your heart sing!

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