Small Groups are like keystones in a bridge that connect us with each other and with our spiritual home. They have been used by many thriving churches to bring thousands closer to God, Church and each other.

Spirit Circles are one of several types of Small Groups at Unity Church of the Hills.


Spirit Circles – Purpose and Values:

Circles of Seekers – We gather to seek an ever deeper understanding of the mysteries of Life, Love and God as espoused by Unity/New Thought teachings and principles.

We value listening with an open heart and compassionate ear while learning from each other and from the Spiritual Teachers of our Unity/New Thought tradition.

Circles of Belonging – We gather to feel connected, to form an extended family of Spirit Friends who support each other along our Life Journeys.

We value loving, caring friendships that provide a safe haven for us to be ourselves as we remind each other that our True Selves are One with Divinity.

Circles of Love – We gather to recognize the invisible, unbreakable thread that connects our hearts with all others – Love.

We value the loving bonds that are formed by participating in Spirit Circles and stand in awe of the transforming power of Love.

Circles of Praying Hearts  We gather to practice the art and science of prayer, to learn to pray from the Divinity within us, instead of to it. We practice affirmative prayer and feeling grateful that our prayers have already been answered before they are even spoken.

We value the power of prayer and meditation as an indispensable tool for our spiritual growth.

⚘ Find a Spirit Circle

We invite you to join a Spirit Circle and experience the Joy of Namaste – the joy of the God within you, recognizing and honoring the God within others.

Find and join a Spirit Circle here.

☕ Become a Facilitator

We are always looking for new Facilitators. If Spirit is calling you to share your home and heart with others, we offer training opportunities throughout the year. No prior facilitation skill is necessary. Please register in advance.

If you are not interested in facilitating a Spirit Circle, but would like to host a circle in your home, please email us and we will see if we can find a facilitator to match up with you.

Have fun | Grow spiritually | Connect | Share life | Build friendships

How are Spirit Circles different from other Small Groups?

Spirit Circles follow a repeatable format based on approved curricula. They receive church staff assistance with attracting and registering members, and facilitators have received specialized training. If you are interested in becoming a Spirit Circle facilitator, click here to learn more.

Spirit Circles