Whether you are already a member, or someone interested in becoming a member of Unity Church of the Hills, we would like to welcome you as a part of our community. We have all followed our own path that has led us to this very moment and we open our hearts to your journey and this connection.

Whether you have experienced the feeling of driving through the arch onto our campus, walking in the entrance or just finding us here on the website as a part of your search for spirit, we hope that you sense the profound love that is here to support your growth.  We hold sacred space for you in your unique expression of the light you are.

Finding connection and community

If you are considering membership, we will gladly support your process through our membership class, known as A Path to Discovery, which happens twice each year.  This class introduces you to basic Unity teachings, a personal view of Unity Church of the Hills and the sharing of our experience with a like-minded group of others who are experiencing the same journey as you.

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