A Path to Discovery

This spiritual development class was created to support the new member process as well as being a great introduction to Unity Principles.  In this five-week course The Path to Discovery, you will experience invaluable material, wonderful leaders, and connections with others on their personal spiritual journey.  As a part of registration, you will receive the book The Five Principles, an incredible work by Rev. Ellen Debenport. This course will also give you a look at the inner workings of Unity Church of the Hills including key staff and volunteers.

The course finishes with a look into your Spiritual Gifts and what volunteer opportunities are available at UCOH supporting ways to give back to your Spiritual Community and the World. This class is for anyone interested and does not require that you become a member. Regardless of just attending or wanting to be a member of UCOH, you will gain deep knowledge and make life-long connections.  This class is offered twice each year.

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