From the beginning, a cornerstone of the Unity Movement has been Spiritual Education. At Unity Church of the Hills, we are blessed to have a robust and varied educational program.

From our amazing workshops and world-renowned spiritual speakers to our Spiritual Education & Enrichment classes that are offered throughout the year, we offer a variety of experiences for you to deepen your spiritual awareness. Unity Church of the Hills is also home to many discussion groups that provide the opportunity for spiritual discussion and conversation. They include our weekly men’s and women’s fellowship meetings, Dr. David Hawkins discussion group, Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation groups, Course in Miracles study groups and classes, Conscious Conversations, and our quarterly Vision Core gatherings, to name just a few.


A Path to Discovery

A special area of focus for your Spiritual Development is our Path to Discovery class. Offered as our New Member class, this course goes deep into Unity’s Five Principles, drawing on the incredible work by Rev. Ellen Debenport in The Five Principles. A Path to Discovery also gives you a look at the inner workings of UCOH with presentations from key staff and volunteers. The course finishes with a look at your Spiritual Gifts and helps you find ways to give back to your Spiritual Community and the World. You do not need to be on a path to membership to gain deep knowledge and make life-long connections from this special course, which is offered 3 times per year. You can view the calendar here.

Licensed Unity Teachers

At UCOH, we are blessed with approximately 20 Licensed Unity Teachers (LUT’s) who are involved in almost every aspect of what makes UCOH so special. Every member of our LUT team has completed an extensive educational and experiential multi-year curriculum of discovering and learning more about the fundamental teachings found in Unity and, most importantly, how they can be meaningfully incorporated into our lives. At UCOH, LUT’s teach Unity core classes and electives, provide pastoral care support, lead our Youth and Family ministry, sing in our Inspiration choir and are active volunteers across every ministry at UCOH. As licensed teachers they are considered part of the spiritual leadership of the church. If this seems of interest, you can learn more about the Licensed Unity Teacher path by clicking on this link:   Licensed Unity Teachers.

Spiritual Education & Enrichment

Our Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) program is a robust part of Unity Church of the Hills. S.E.E. classes are almost exclusively taught by our Licensed Unity Teacher core. These classes offer adult learners of all types, who are seeking individual spiritual growth, the opportunity to pursue a deeper understanding of Unity teachings. Learn more about this program and see upcoming classes here.

Whatever aspect of your personal spiritual development you want to pursue,
you’ll be sure to find it at Unity Church of the Hills.

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