Spiritual Education and Enrichment

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI), and Unity Church of the Hills (UCOH) operate on the principle that education is primarily a process of drawing forth knowledge and potential from within the consciousness of the student. The education process honors the inherent wholeness and wisdom within each person.

The Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) courses are meant and designed to be more than just “head” or intellectual knowledge. They are intended to support critical thinking, individual exploration, and deepening and maturing of spiritual understanding and practices. Major intents of Unity’s spiritual education are to support individuals in developing the consciousness and skills of emotional and spiritual maturity and to apply positive  spiritual concepts and practices to their lives.

S.E.E. courses are for adult learners of all kinds who are seeking individual spiritual growth or a deeper understanding of Unity teachings. If you are a casual learner, S.E.E. courses may be taken for your own enjoyment and enrichment. These courses can also open the door to credentialing as a Licensed Unity Teacher or as a Unity Minister. Either way, S.E.E. courses are not something you will take and then put away on a bookshelf, never to be used again. Your experiences will enrich your everyday life, for the rest of your life.

The S.E.E. classes at UCOH are almost exclusively taught by our Licensed Unity Teacher core, and can be taken for credit by those on the path to becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT). The only exceptions are classes offered by LUT candidates. These classes are offered on a love offering basis, but they cannot be taken for credit.

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