Board Update – December 21, 2022

Reconciliation Circles & Celebrating the Holidays Together

Dear UCOH Community,

We want to reach out to you after the Reconciliation Circles held Sunday, December 18, 2022, in Friendship Hall. It was very well attended, and many people spoke about their love for Rev. Sheree and also their concerns. A consistent message that arose from the heartfelt comments of all involved was a deep love for our spiritual community and the desire for healing.

We wish to celebrate the many voices that we heard expressing needs at the Sunday meeting.

We heard the need for respect and for spiritual elevation. We heard the need for truth and for appreciation. We heard the need for being seen and for being aware. We heard the need for transition and for transparency. We heard the need for equality and for being treated fairly. We heard the need for listening and for cooperation. We heard the need for compassion and for empathy.

If that brought us to one conclusion thus far, it is that we cannot continue to function in a state of division; we deeply want reconciliation and healing. We must be able to communicate and respect our Truth. At this time, let us all remember that each of us is an innocent, whole, and perfect child of God, collectively having a (sometimes messy) human experience.

We encourage everyone who feels or has ever felt that UCOH is their spiritual home to come together in a spirit of love, grace, and acceptance for one another at the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s services:

• Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service – 5:30 pm
• Christmas Day Sunday Service – 8:00 am
• Christmas Day Sunday Service – 11:25 am
• New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl Service – 6:00 pm
• New Year’s Day Sunday Service – 8:00 am
• New Year’s Day Sunday Service – 11:25 am

We look forward to seeing our UCOH family at the various Christmas and New Year’s services.

In Unity,

Your UCOH Board of Trustees

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