Celebrating the Gifts of the Season

Dear Unity Family Member:

As we step into Advent and the sacredness of the Christmas Season, we celebrate the gifts we all receive from Unity Church of the Hills – and we celebrate each one of you who make up this spiritual community.  We give thanks for the beautiful gift of your loving presence, and your choice to behold the Christ in each person.  We give thanks for your open-hearted sharing of your time and talents.  We give thanks for your generous sharing of your resources.  All your gifts are valued and appreciated.

At our annual meeting a few weeks ago, we elected new board members, and expressed deep gratitude for the loving service of three individuals who stepped off the board: Patti Kieran, Lisa Landry, and Sylvia Powell.  Your current Board of Trustees is eager to serve and support this community on its ongoing journey of spiritual evolution.  This board is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Tim Wright, President
  • Neil Feiereisel, Vice President
  • Greg Sedlock, Treasurer
  • Courtney Poole, Secretary
  • Joni Lorraine
  • Laura McIntyre
  • Dan Stasiak
  • Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster

At our annual meeting we also shared that we have been experiencing a financial shortfall and are not meeting our debt ratio.  This has raised concerns with the bank that holds our mortgage.  The board and staff continue to work diligently to manage expenses.  We are also looking at ways of increasing our income, including the expansion of our Wee Wisdom school to add additional classrooms and to move from a part-time to a full-time program.  This expansion has the potential to increase our income by over $300,000 annually.  We have also applied for an Employee Retention Credit and expect to receive about $258,000 by early next year.

Here are some ways that you can support your spiritual community in creating a more abundant future:

  • Hold UCOH in prayer knowing and affirming that we are richly blessed in every way.
  • Invite a friend to join you at UCOH for a holiday service.
  • Give a financial Christmas gift to UCOH. At our annual meeting, the membership set a target of $400,000 in income for November-December.  We have matching gift pledges for $50,000.  You can help us reach that goal this Christmas.
  • Continue to be engaged and participate in our services and activities.
  • Share your time and talent in sacred service.

We love and appreciate you, and all the ways you contribute to UCOH, and we look forward to a rich and prosperous 2024 with you.

In loving service,
Your UCOH Board of Trustees

BlogCelebrating the Gifts of the Season