Unity Church of the Hills is an open and affirming community that knows every individual’s unconditional sacred worth.

The Rainbow Fellowship celebrates the unique spiritual experience of the gay, lesbian, bisexual,  transgender and questioning individuals. We provide support, fellowship, and service to anyone who seeks a spiritual community of love and acceptance.

The Rainbow Fellowship provides a support point for those LGBTQ who have not been appreciated and welcomed in some congregations. The LGBTQ of Unity Church of the Hills enjoy a positive, supportive environment so we can focus on reaching our full potential, and creating a way of life that leads to health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. Members of the Rainbow Fellowship serve as Licensed Unity Teachers, Prayer Chaplains, Board Members, Ushers, and are on the Music, Hospitality, Video, and many other Ministry Teams at our church. 

Together, we explore and uplift each other to deepen our spiritual connection. We look for opportunities to provide service within our church and our extended church community. Whether you are LGBTQ or not, a member of our church or not, everyone is invited to participate in any of our organized activities.

Join the Rainbow Fellowship as we plan for the upcoming

Pride Parade and Festival, which takes place in August.

Annual Pride Events including the annual Pride Interfaith Service

The Pride Interfaith Partnership is a community outreach program in connection dedicated to uniting the LGBTQ community and our allies.  The Pride Interfaith Partnership is dedicated to supporting safe, spiritual environments where all people to come together, regardless of any perceived differences to express oneness through love. Love Unites!   Being LGBTQ and spiritually minded are not mutually exclusive. We look forward to any opportunity to support the diverse spiritual lives of the LGBTQ community in the Austin area.

Rainbow Friends

If you have any questions, please contact us at RainbowFellowship@UnityHills.org or join our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/ucohrainbow/

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