Do you know who you are?  Do you know why you exist?  Do you know whose you are?

These seem like simple questions, and yet the answers can be so elusive.  Indeed, these are questions that people of all faith-traditions have asked for millennia – and the exploration of these questions opens us up, connects us with our wholeness, and expands our capacity to be who we were created to be.

This is why we are engaging in an exploration of Parker Palmer’s book, Let Your Life Speak. 

Communities also have a Divine Identity and exploring that Identity on a regular basis allows a community to deepen, grow and thrive.  Spiritual communities have a life cycle that can be depicted in this way:

During the birth of a community, questions are asked that help define the intentions and work of the community.  These creative formation questions drive the energy of the community, and as things unfold, the community begins to thrive.  Over time things shift, and a community will find itself in a period of uncertainty.  As this occurs, it is essential for the community to revisit those creative formation questions.  In fact, doing this regularly helps a community stay fresh and allows it to adjust to the changing needs of the people they serve.

One way to look at a spiritual community’s identity is through a series of concentric circles:

The innermost circle addresses the question: Who are we? Answering this question identifies the core values that lie at the heart of the community.

The next circle addresses the question: Why do we exist?  The answer to this question identifies the vision of the community.

The next circle addresses the question: How do we give expression to that vision.  This is the community’s mission.

And finally, there is the question: What is ours to do?  This provides the plan by which a community moves forward.

Last month, we began to contemplate the Divine Identity of Unity Church of the Hills, and discovered three core values that live inside the heart of this community: Spirit-Centered, Inclusion, and Love.  At this point, these are simply words.  We are currently in the process of defining these words and looking at the behaviors that exemplify them.  Your input in this process is welcome and encouraged.  Please click on the image below to give us your thoughts. 

Next, we will look at our Vision and Mission.  This conversation will include a discussion about what our current Vision and Mission mean to you.  Then we will consider how these statements serve us in our current context.  As a community you may choose to change these statements, or you may decide to retain the statements you have.

After this we will collect ideas and input from the community about how to live into this Divine Identity.

And finally, a plan will be developed to support you in journeying forward together.

Please stay tuned for more opportunities to engage in this process together.  And if you have any questions, please contact Rev. Cynthia at

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