Director’s Corner


Wee Wisdom School uses a blend of Montessori and Traditional Child Development approaches to ensure that each child’s needs are being met as thoroughly as possible.

Toddler I Classroom introduces opportunities for autonomy and independence in a play-based environment, with an array of both Montessori and non-Montessori materials and activities available. The room is designed to help encourage the move from side-by-side play to the interactive one-on-one play of socialization during this critical time of exploration.. The teacher is sure to offer plenty of love, nurturing and individualized attention to promote a sense of well-being and a foundation of self-confidence in each child.

Pre-Primary Classroom (Toddler II)continues to build on the child’s natural desire for exploration, but an increase in the amount of Montessori materials is quite noticeable. The child’s innate sense of order is catered to in this prepared environment. The children are exposed to phonics, numbers, art, science, culture, music and yoga – on a deeper level . Potty Training Begins.

Primary Classroom (3-5) is when the child’s universe becomes an incredible world of possibilities and opportunities. It is a time when the child no longer is tentative about her or his surroundings, but realizes that she or he is a part of the whole grand picture, and that the world is so much bigger than was even realized to this point. Geography and math appear limitless! The acts of scrubbing the chair, mopping the floor, or pouring colored liquid through a funnel is now something within their control! Phonics turns to words, and words to sentences, and suddenly, and almost magically, the reading explosion has occurred!!

Montessori presentations are given in groups, as well as individually. In addition, there is still an element of traditional child development education found within the classroom, since research has shown the importance of incorporating additional manipulatives, dramatic play, art and music within the classroom is beneficial to the well-roundedness of a child-centered program.


Like Unity Church of the Hills, Wee Wisdom pre-school is non-denominational, sharing the values which are common to all major religions. We emphasize love, kindness toward ourselves and others, and respect for our earth. These values are expressed in simple lessons during circle time, but mostly in the way we relate to each other and our environment.


Wee Wisdom is Montessori based in the Toddler I and Pre-Primary rooms, with a focus on helping the children accomplish their agenda of “Me do it!”

The Primary room is taught in the traditional Montessori format. In this class, the children continue to perfect their skills of independence while learning phonics, math, science, geography, music, art, yoga and gardening. Outside time on our beautiful playground under the oaks, rounds out their day and brings a balance of large and small motor play with balls, shovels, playscapes, slides and more!


Wee Wisdom School takes very seriously, our responsibility to not only insure the safety of our children but also to reassure our parents of their children’s safety while in our care. That said, I would like for all of us to take special care, both staff and parents, in assuring that the following measures are constantly enforced.

1. The  Primary door is locked after arrival at 9:15 and will remain locked until dismissal at 1:00 pm.

2. Front office volunteer or staff has visibility of the front door entrance of the church.



Unity Church of the Hills is a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries.
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