Our Youth & Family Ministry has been an active and integral part of UCOH’s history from day one. Children and their families came streaming into our Church on the very first Sunday and have been coming ever since.
We are so blessed to have such a regular presence of young people in our community.

Our youth education team of teachers, angels, and sponsors, as well as our childcare team, have all played a vital role in the spiritual, social and emotional development of our young people. These loving dedicated volunteers have empowered our young people with the tools and support they need to grow and thrive in life. This is a huge investment in their future as well as in our collective futures. We are profoundly grateful to each member of this amazing team for all you do for our young people.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!


Carole Buckner

Nina Phelan

Gloria Reyna

Maria Solomon

Marygrace Sorensen

Debbie Tam

Paulina Wheeler

Adrienne Wohn


Kendra Flenniken

Catie Wiedenhofer

Elizabeth Huckestein

Amy Katkic

Dakota Widenor


Tracy Dell

Avery Rognerud

Lindy Stasiak

Bob Sanderlin

Gary Sellergren


Joe Bowen

Jessica Hinson

Ginger Juelfs

James Lampasona


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