Unity Church of the Hills "Season of Creation" Year End Giving 2021

As the world slowly yawns and stretches, beginning to emerge from the mandatory hibernation we have all endured since early 2020, we emerge with the knowledge that life is never what we expect it to be. Yet even in the certainty of uncertainty, there are transformative possibilities and new creative opportunities perpetually presenting themselves to us. Opportunities for peace in the midst of chaos, love in the face of adversity, and faith in an abundant universe. While our communities have experienced the loss of loved ones, the loss of jobs and livelihoods, even the loss of life as we have known it, we can grieve and honor their passing, while also affirming that new good, new love, and new creative, life affirming opportunities are even now in the midst of our presence, but awaiting to be noticed.

So, how do we set things right again? Or perhaps more poignantly, how do we see things rightly again? One surefire, proven way to move forward in our lives, even in the midst of seeming chaos, is to roll up our sleeves and jump right into the business of serving and helping others. Being in service to others is one of the ways that we both payback and pay forward in our lives. There are myriad ways to give back to the communities that support us. We might help to build or restore a home for someone less fortunate. Or perhaps, we can feed the hungry, or volunteer at an assisted living facility. These examples don’t even scratch the surface of the literally endless ways in which we can give of our good, our talents and time in service to others. The gift of service is equally as important as the gifts of our physical and financial good.

At Unity Church of the Hills, we support various communities with our time, talent and treasure. We could not achieve our mission of empowering people to transform their lives without the support of the UCOH Family also giving of their time, talent and treasure to UCOH. As we move through this holiday season celebrating the good we experienced in 2021, we also look forward to the future good that awaits each one of us in 2022.

In this Season of Giving, we invite you to prayerfully consider what is yours to do, yours to give at the end of the year 2021 to help UCOH confidently set its goals for transforming lives in 2022. Your generous contributions to UCOH’s “Season Of Creation” Year End Giving Campaign 2021, help UCOH continue to empower people to transform their lives as we have done for over 26 years now. This year, UCOH’s goal is to raise $225,000. But, this is only part of the goal.

2021 Year-End Goals

As we approach year-end 2021, we affirm three tangible goals that set the stage for success in 2022 as we continue the invaluable work of transforming lives.

  • $225,000 in gifts and tithes.
  • Increase the percentage of recurring givers to 30%. Click here to set up recurring giving.
  • Attract at least 50 new congregants to become “first-time givers” to UCOH.

The UCOH Team will track our progress towards these goals and will provide update reports on Sundays, via emails, on our App and at the UCOH website.

We understand that you may not be in a position to give at year’s end, or give as generously as you might like, but we ask each one of us in the UCOH Community to prayerfully consider what is yours to give that can help us meet our goals by December 31, 2021.

There is always something each one of us can give, and some may temporarily have more to give than others. Yet, if each one of us gives generously from wherever we are at this present moment, then the power of our collective giving will power UCOH towards the achievement of its goals, and soundly establish the foundation for success in 2022.

We thank you for your prayerful consideration and your generous gifts that support the UCOH community. We bless your gifts and we bless you the giver, knowing that the good that you give and circulate returns to you ten times and more, pressed down and overflowing all manner of good and abundance in your life.

And, so it is. And, so we allow it to be.

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