Lu and Cliff have been involved with Unity Church of the Hills for 25 years. They met at the church in 1998 and got married in the church in April 1999. Lu led the first Adventures in Faith celebration for the church and Cliff sang in the first choir. They participated in the design weekends for our current sanctuary and, during construction, helped with landscaping and pathway designs while dozens of others helped with painting and wiring. It helped cement our community for many years to come.

As things got going here under the arch, Lu was on the first prayer chaplain team for eight years and Cliff was an usher for many years. The church grew and added another Sunday service and what they remember from those first 10 years was how many volunteers just kept showing up for every imaginable task inside and outside the building. Lu and Cliff liked the outside work the best so they imagined and helped build the Wall of Peace and its bridge. They got the meditation garden started with the help of 40 people working 12 weekends in spring of ’05. Lu joined about 30 people who designed and built the labyrinth in 2017. They have taught Master Mind principles for many years.

Whenever they could, they lent their energy and talents to lots of things and what they’ve discovered is a rather simple truth – volunteers are the life blood of any church. It is that simple. Perhaps they are as important as the ministers or the boards or the staff. Lu and Cliff feel, for certain, that their lives, their marriage and their friendships would not be as abundant or as meaningful but for volunteering in this church community. They continue to most enjoy prayer and are both on the Prayer Chaplain team in 2022. They are forever grateful for having a place to volunteer, the chance to volunteer and the inspiration to serve and be served at Unity Church of the Hills.

To view Cliff & Lu’s Video Testimonial, click here.

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