It is with great honor and pride that we here at UCOH recognize the 2022 Masquerade Gala and Fundraiser Planning Committee as November’s VOM. Each team member played an intricate part in bringing the Gala vision to life. It was that synchronous energy and one-mindedness that contributed to the overall success of this amazing fundraising event. Each Team Member worked tirelessly to make sure every detail of the Gala event was properly managed and executed. The Gala Fundraiser event was a major undertaking and required all team members to carry an equal amount of responsibility and pay close attention to the most minute detail. And each team member did precisely that! From the silent and Live auctions, the catered food, to the live musical performances in the sanctuary, the karaoke machine, selfie wall, every detail was well thought out by each team. UCOH humbly and gratefully acknowledges the 2022 Gala Planning Team:

Rev Sheree Taylor-Jones

Reggie Strickland

Gayle Stallings

Robin Stallings

Leslie Robinson

Karen Memrick

Tammy Renee Schwartz

April Atlas

Pam Neill

Deborah Harrington

David Preslar

Dez King

Kathryn Seidlitz

Rick Viator

Carrie Monk

Melissa Larson

Jennifer Chavez

Thank you for all you have done for this event as well as this community!

To view the Video, click here.

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