Unity Church of the Hills’ Transitional Journey

On May 1, 2023, UCOH hired Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster as our Transitional Minister.  Prior to engaging Rev. Cynthia, UCOH had experienced several significant changes, creating tension and turmoil.  Her role as a Transitional Minister is to support and guide the community in a process of self-discovery, discernment and renewal.  Communities involved in this work engage deeply into their own transformation, and this journey can take anywhere from one to three years.  Our current path leads us to believe we may be on this journey for about 18 months to 2 years.  We encourage everyone to stay connected and involved in this journey and commit to co-creating our future together.

View Rev. Cynthia’s Transitional Consulting Overview here:

Celebrating Our Progress

Since my arrival at UCOH, I have been touched by the dedication, generosity, and love of this community.  That feeling has deepened over time as I have observed the resilience of this community.

Many members of the community have engaged in the various workshops and discussions related to the Transition Process working through tensions, building skills, deepening awareness, and collaborating with each other in co-creating UCOH’s future.  Several people have shared stories with me about how they have carried this work forward by mending frayed relationships with others in the congregation.  Others have spoken about how they see organizational patterns shifting and their spirituality deepening.

The full spectrum of work undertaken by this community thus far on the Transitional Journey, is outlined on this timeline:

The Transitional Process is embedded in 5 focal points identified by the Interim Ministry Network in moving a spiritual community through a time of transformation and renewal.  These focal points are Connections, Leadership, Heritage, Mission, and Future.  These focal points are interrelated, and attention is paid to all 5 points throughout the Transition Process.  However, different focal points are highlighted at different stages of the Transitional Journey.

Over the past few months, we have been involved with exploring our Spiritual Identity. This community discernment process involved over 40 participants who considered questions such as: Who are we?  What values lie at the heart of this community?  Why do we exist?  What is Spirit calling us to do at this time?  Sub-teams took the understandings revealed by this work and further refined it.  This has revealed 3 Core Values and a Vision and Mission Statement.  To see the results of this work, click HERE and see below. 

On June 9 at 1:30, you will have an opportunity to hear from these sub-teams about this work and provide input for further refinement.  Click here for information on the meeting. Please plan on joining us.


VISION: Our community and world transformed through the experience and expression of our Divine Oneness.


MISSION: We put God first, express Unity Principles, celebrate Life, and empower each other to transform our lives.

Spirit-Centered: being led by Source; from which everything begins
and returns.

  • We honor the many names for God, the many paths to God, the many ways of experiencing God.
  • We embrace all experiences as opportunities for transformation.
  • We listen for the voice of God guiding us on how to serve one another and the world.
  • We connect with and express the Divine in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Loving:  practicing unconditional positive regard for God, self, and one another.

  • We choose to see the Christ in all beings.
  • We serve one another and the world through compassionate action.
  • We mindfully balance our needs with the needs of others.
  • We accept ourselves and others through the practice of forgiveness.

Inclusive: creating a safe space that honors the diversity and uniqueness of every person.

  • We value the inherent worth and dignity of all beings as expressions of God.
  • We foster an environment that respects and welcomes everyone.
  • We seek to understand and appreciate the lived experiences of others.
  • We are deeply enriched as we consciously question our assumptions.


1. GOD IS: God is the only Presence in the Universe. God is GOOD, God is omnipotent.  God is all there is.

2. I AM: I AM an expression of the One God. I am spirit.  I am holy and I am one with God… there is no separation.

3. I THINK IT: I connect with my Source, with God through my thoughts. My thoughts are creative, and I can create sorrow and pain through thinking I am separate from God, or I can remember my oneness with Source.

4. I PRAY IT: We connect with God and Good. And all that is through prayer and meditation. It is through prayer and meditation that we remember our oneness.

5. I LIVE IT: Knowing all of this is not enough… I live it daily.  I remember God and goodness and Oneness.