Unity’s annual World Day of Prayer is less than three weeks away from today, and UCOH’s staff is planning a variety of ways for you to connect with this worldwide, 24-hour affirmative prayer experience from wherever you are. We invite each one of you to join us, and thousands upon thousands of others worldwide on September 9–10, 2020, for the 27th annual World Day of Prayer. In this powerful prayer experience, we connect and unite our hearts and minds with other precious souls from around the globe to individually and collectively affirm:

Standing in Truth, I move from fear to faith.

Opening Ceremony from Unity Worldwide Ministries

In alignment with this powerful affirmation, Unity Worldwide has titled this year’s World Day of Prayer experience, “From Fear To Faith.” UCOH will be kicking off its own activities to support the World Day of Prayer 2020, by streaming Unity Worldwide’s Opening Ceremony through our Facebook Live platform on Wednesday evening, September 9th at 7:00 pm. That service will be anchored by several of Unity’s leading ministers from around the country. 

24 Hours of Hourly Prayer

Immediately after the live stream, UCOH will begin its own 24-hour prayer experience, also through our Facebook Page, which will culminate with a very special service on Thursday evening, September 10th at 7:00 pm. But this is only a hint of everything that is planned to give each of you the opportunity to connect with and participate in this powerful, affirmative prayer experience.

In some ways, UCOH’s World Day of Prayer experience has already begun as our staff and volunteers are even now, busy creating special, unique prayer videos, and other creative opportunities for you to release any fears that might be challenging your own power of Faith. The affirmative prayer videos will feature unique, original affirmative prayers supporting this year’s theme from many of UCOH’s chaplains, LUTs, and other prayerful souls from among our beautiful, spiritual family. These videos will be shared every hour on the hour through our UCOH’s Facebook page, starting immediately after the end of Unity Worldwide’s Opening Ceremony experience right up until UCOH’s own live-streamed, World Day of Prayer service the following evening. 

Dissolving Your Fear Ritual Experience

As a special feature of this year’s World Day of Prayer experience, UCOH’s staff is creating an opportunity to visit UCOH’s beautiful spiritual campus to participate in a unique “Dissolving Your Fear Ritual,” similar in intention to the Burning Bowl ceremony featured every New Year’s Eve. In this powerful experience, you will have the opportunity starting on Monday, September 7th and throughout the week to visit UCOH in person to dissolve and release your fears at a special ceremonial station being created in the portico right outside the Twelve Powers Chapel, immediately to the right of the front doors of the church.

This special ritual allows you the in person opportunity to write down any fears or blocks to your faith on special paper that you will then place in a ceremonial water bowl to dissolve immediately away. After completing that ritual release, you will be invited to take home with you a special stone, as a touchstone reminder to you of your intention to release any fears or blocks you have named. With your special touchstone to faith in hand, you are then invited to experience your own personal God-walk in UCOH’s sacred labyrinth, or anywhere on our sacred grounds that speaks to your heart. Once again, this opportunity begins on Monday and will be open to you throughout the week.

Virtual Release Ritual Available

If you cannot make it to UCOH’s campus, and would still like to participate in the dissolving fear ritual, email communications@unityhills.org. Put World Day of Prayer in the subject line and then in the body of the email, lay claim to that which you would like to release. Digitally submitted fears will be released altogether during our special live service on Thursday evening at 7pm, facilitated by members of UCOH’s LUT team.

There are other details that are still being developed, and as they do, we will keep you informed. But, for now, mark your calendars for the week of September 7-10, and stay tuned for further details.

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