I am new to Unity and not yet a member.  I became aware of the Church by way of the Healing Through the Chakras class offered by Shannon Prescher.  Most of the rest of the class participants were Church members and suggested I attend a service, which I did in February of this year. Kelly Logue was in the class and introduced me to the garden.  I started coming out to help in the garden and my involvement just grew.    COVID, of course, hit right after that so after attending service a couple of times the Church shut down for in person activities.  

When the UCOH Community Garden Team was formed I was asked to be a member, so I volunteer with the Garden team as well as each of the four subcommittees.  I act as lead for the Volunteers subcommittee and typically spend three mornings a week working in the incredibly special space that is the UCOH garden. 

I am also actively involved in several other Charitable organizations presently.  I am a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), I am a volunteer and board member for Art from the Streets, also I volunteer with HopeAustin.  I could talk about any of these wonderful organizations for hours. 

I have been so enthralled with the UCOH Community.  I was told the Church is all about Love and I have certainly found that to be true.  We have a group of wonderful volunteers that help to maintain the thriving garden.  Beyond that is the generous and caring support provided by the Church and by individual members.  When the garden is in need of something, it tends to show up.    

BlogDecember 2020 Volunteer of the Month, Kathy Vallefuoco