The UCOH Volunteer Ministry is pleased to announce that Diana Stanfield is the Volunteer Of The Month for December 2021. Below, Diana shares brief written and video testimonials of her experience as a member and volunteer in the UCOH community since she joined in 2017.

Diana Stanfield: I have been a member of UCOH since 2017. The first service I attended, the congregation sang “Happy Birthday” to someone named Ellen. Since then, I celebrate my UCOH anniversary on Ellen Fannin’s birthday! 

I volunteer in the bookstore, I sing with Inspiration Choir, and help lead the Wholehearted Women’s Group. I also pitch in here and there with things like planning the Women’s Retreat, Hands on Housing project events, the silent auctions, and decorating the church during the holiday season. 

When I first joined the church, I was eager to be part of the community and to help out where I could. Because I work full-time, I have to choose things that I could do after work or on Sundays. There are so many opportunities to serve. I settled on three things that bring me great joy. I chose to work in the bookstore because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to spend time in that wonderful place? I get to visit with folks as they shop and spend time with Melissa and Anne for an hour or so. We have so much fun! 

Singing with Inspiration is a gift the church gives to me! I love to sing and every week Karl lets me! The fact that I get to sing with such talented people in front of the whole congregation is icing on the cake! 

The Whole-Hearted Women’s Group has been around for a long time and I have had the privilege of helping to lead it for about 3 years now. This dynamic group is such a blessing in my life! Women come and go, but they always know that when they need connection, love and a safe place to truly be heard, we are here for each other. 

My heart is full every time I step onto this beautiful campus! Volunteering at UCOH has provided me with the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful people and to expand myself in ways I never thought possible. 

Congratulations, Diana. You are an expansive presence in our spiritual family. We are blessed by the gifts and talents you so generously share in helping Unity Church of the Hills transform lives.

VolunteerDecember 2021 Volunteer of the Month, Diana Stanfield