The UCOH Volunteer Ministry is pleased to announce that Sandra Vela is the Volunteer Of The Month for May 2022. Below, Sandra shares a brief written and video testimonial of her experience as a volunteer here at UCOH.

“Volunteering seems like you’re giving back “to” the church, and in a way that’s true, but what is also true is that it’s a way for you to give to others “through” the church. Through service, I have been given many opportunities to grow spiritually, through the grace of others with whom I have served. I have been greatly blessed by the many gifts and talents that my fellow congregants share through their service to UCOH.  To me, that’s what belonging to a church is all about.  I encourage everyone to find a way to participate in this great exchange of time, talent, and treasures at UCOH in any way you can. 
Like any great “pot luck” – what you bring is what makes it great, and I enjoy the exchange of gifts and talents we share with one another in service through UCOH.

My spiritual journey began in consciousness when I first entered the doors of a Unity Church. When I came to UCOH in 2013, I started attending the Wednesday night meditation services to establish a practice in meditation. This small group became my fellowship circle at the time, and I met some wonderful people.

I continued to looked for ways to get involved beyond attending on Sundays and eventually, dove in to the wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth and development through the Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes that were being offered at UCOH. It made sense to me to learn all I could about Unity. My spiritual journey took a quantum leap forward through the LUT path, and eventually I completed all 22+ courses and applied to the Licensed Unity Teacher Certification program. I am close to completing the Leadership Development portion of that program through UWM as a result.

 I sincerely appreciate the many opportunities UCOH has provided for me on my spiritual path, and volunteering is a way to give back for all that I have received. 

Congratulations, Sandra Vela. Your loving presence is a blessing to our spiritual family. We are blessed by the gifts and talents you so generously share in helping Unity Church of the Hills transform lives.

To View Sandra’s Video Testimonial, click here.

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