The basis of the Master Mind Principle™, developed by Jack Boland and Renaissance Unity, is the combined energy of two or more people in order to tap into the creative genius, wisdom and power of the Source that created and directs our universe and lives.

As Jack indicates, “the principle is based on an ancient premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded persons is many, many times greater than the sum of individual energies.”

The Master Mind Principle is implemented through a Master Mind group.

A Master Mind group consists of two or more persons (two to six is ideal) who meet regularly in an atmosphere of trust and harmony for the purpose of providing mutual support and  encouragement—and to believe for each other things which each, alone, may find difficult to conceive and believe for himself or herself.

A Master Mind group is not established so that individual members can solve each other’s problems. Rather, such a group is established to surrender to the Master Mind any problem areas, challenges, needs for healing, or any other positive desires of each member. When such requests are fully and properly made of the Master Mind, answers and solutions occur in a most amazing way.

Master Mind group meetings may be conducted in a home, a place of business, a church, or any other mutually agreed-upon location that provides a certain amount of quiet and privacy. Meetings should be limited to the intended purpose. It usually is sufficient to meet once a week.

Recommendations/Guidelines for your Group

  1. Ideal group size is two to six people.
  2. Groups should meet regularly. Once a week is normally sufficient.
  3. Create and maintain a space of trust and caring.
  4. Provide mutual support and encouragement.
  5. The group exists of like-minded equals. There is no leader. That being said, a facilitator should be chosen to run each meeting.

Want to learn more about this powerful process? We hold How to MasterMind sessions the second Sunday of every month following our Services. Meet with experienced Masterminders who will walk you through the process and give you some tips on forming your group.


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