Would you like to be a part of a loving community of friends on Sunday morning? Would you enjoy an interactive spiritual discussion? If so, The Quest is for you.

What is The Quest? It is a Sunday adult discussion and connection group which meets on Sunday morning from 10:40 to 11:15am in the Chapel. The class is facilitated by Licensed Unity Teachers.


* The Quest is currently held at 10am on Sundays via Zoom *



Title Description Teaching

Chapter 38


The Physical World Render into Caesar You are a spiritual being having a spiritual experience in a physical world.  This means there are certain rules you have to observe.

Chapter 39


Healing You can be healed Every time you seek to get well, you ae doing the will of God.

Chapter 40


Continuity of Life Have I lived before? You didn’t begin when you entered this world.   Your soul is on an eternal journey.

Chapter 41


Humility The strangest paradox of all Jesus gave this teaching as a “how to” for those who are ready to experience transcendence.

Chapter 42


Serving God Your part of the bargain Knowing the truth carries with it an extraordinary responsibility.  Meeting that responsibility can be the most rewarding experience.

Chapter 43


Trusting God God has a plan just for you God has a plan for your life which is far beyond anything you can possibly imagine.

Chapter 44


Joy Happiness is a God-job Would you ever have thought that you can be joyful in the midst of any situation?  You can, because joy is your natural state.

Chapter 45


The Path Detours only slow you down Once you discover your path, it takes commitment to stay on it.  It is so easy to get sidetracked.

chapter 46


Your Unique Way Getting in step with God means marching to different drummer To really evolve as an individual, it will be necessary for you not to follow the crowd

Chapter 47


Grace You have a safety net Here is some very special news for you:  The universe is rigged in your favor

Chapter 48


The Simple Life This is just the beginning You are not just learning principles.  You are producing a new way of life.  Your future is unlimited!
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