Our November Volunteer of the Month is Julie McLindon. Julie and her family have been members of UCOH since Oct. 2009.

Currently, she is on the Prayer Chaplain Team and part of that leadership team for a few years now. She also leads the 11:00 am prayer service in the Chapel once each week. Julie says, “It’s a wonderful way to stay connected while being in service.” She is also serving on the Ministerial Search Committee as part of the Prayer & Consciousness Team

When asked about volunteering at UCOH, Julie said, “My husband and I began volunteering with the Angels and Teachers in the Youth and family ministry as a way to become active in the congregation– It felt like a good fit because our children were smaller.

“I love volunteering because I’m able to work with friends and meet new people, all while supporting a place I love.”

Thank you, Julie, for your loving service.

BlogNovember 2020 Volunteer of the Month, Julie McLindon