We allow Spirit to guide our highest and greatest good.

Several years ago, the Board of Trustees began exploring and discussing the importance of bringing more clarity to our strategic vision in a more focused, intentional way. This includes building upon the visioning and planning work of many teams—from our Board of Trustees and Staff to our congregational visioning and Minister Magnet Team.

We believe in putting feet to our prayers—and our strategic vision lights our way.

In Fall 2017, the UCOH Vision Team was formed and over the year since, much work has gone into exploring, inquiring, discussing, surveying, and allowing Spirit to guide us. Through our many months of work and our essential conversations with UCOH founding members, congregants, leadership teams—along with hundreds of hours of dialogue as a collective team—we arrived a synthesis of the key focus areas for the UCOH Vision Plan.

The result is the formation of an essential framework of a five-year Vision Plan (from 2019-2024). This plan is designed to serve as a roadmap to guide the UCOH Board of Trustees and leadership teams in creating strategic plans that will outline how we bring this vision to life.

UCOH Five-Year Strategic Vision

We are a bridge to an emerging future.

By 2024, Unity Church of the Hills supports the spiritual growth and transformation of our congregants and shines our light boldly as a community.

At UCOH, we are a warm, accepting, and loving environment where spiritual seekers safely experience change and personal transformation.

We support your spiritual growth and are a source of encouragement and inspiration to the world.

We are a refuge of peace and a spiritual path to the emerging new earth.

Our Key Focus Areas

To bring this vision to life with Spirit’s guidance, we are intentionally focused on the following areas over the next five years.

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Presentation at 2018 Annual Meeting

In case you missed the presentation at the Annual Meeting, you can watch it here:

Strategic Vision