The UCOH Volunteer Ministry is pleased to announce that Prayer Request Team is the Volun-Team Of The Month for February 2022. Below, Linda Hancock, Team Lead, shares brief written and video testimonials of her experience as a member of this important spiritual team here at UCOH.

It is so fitting to honor the Prayer Request Team in February, because this is the month we celebrate love. It is truly an act of love and devotion for someone to pray for someone else. And these wonderful volunteers have such big loving caring hearts.

Members of this team pray daily for every person and every situation that is put on the weekly prayer list. They lovingly hold space and see God at work in people’s lives, bringing forth the highest good for each request. All prayer requests are kept anonymous, as only first names are put on the list. And all requests are held confidential as well. Prayer requests are also submitted to Silent Unity, and remain on their list as well as ours, for 30 days.

Our Prayer Request Team consists of Ministers, LUTs, staff members, current and former chaplains, board members, and several congregants who have a heart for prayer. We are deeply grateful to everyone who faithfully serves on this team!

Congratulations, Linda Hancock and Prayer Request Team. Your prayerful consciousness is a blessing to our spiritual family. We are blessed by the gifts and talents you so generously share in helping Unity Church of the Hills transform lives.

To View Linda’s Video Testimonial, click here.

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